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Updated: 09/23/04

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Sam Anderson Perry Good
Phil Rolfe Ross Grothe
Ron Anlauf Mike Gofron
Mark Brumbaugh Mark Martin
Ted Takasaki Gary Roach
Bob Reige Rick Olson
Bruce Mosher Tony Puccio
Norb Wallock Sam Forbes
John Phillips Randy Tyler
Mike Mladenik Arlen Wendt
Kim "Chief " Papineaus  Gary Engberg
Mike Peluso Asst Articles
Greg Horoky Daryl Christenson
Colin Crawford Gary Parsons and Keith  Kavajecz
Dan Vinovich Naomi Shapiro
Jason Mitchell Dave Kidd
Noel Vick Doug Burns
John Kolinski Jim Corey
Mike Edwards Shane Belter
Chip Leer Tommy Skarlis
Sheldon Medinger Mike Giamportone
Captain Dan Manyen Jeff Beckwith
John Campbell Bart Rosen
Eric Naig John Peterson
Doug Newhoff Mark Leadens

Sam AndersonFishing Articles by Sam Anderson 
  • NEW ITEM!!!! Stow It with Beckman Bags by Ross Grothe and Sam Anderson
  • Taming the Waves of Big Lakes by Sam Anderson and Mark Martin
  • Stormy Fishing for 'Eyes by Sam Anderson 
  • Getting Cranky in the Fall by Sam Anderson 
  • Hot Times on Reservoirs By Sam Anderson
  • It Is In The Bag! by Sam Anderson
  • My Town by Sam Anderson 
  • Fishing Snags with Veg-E-Jigs and Floats by Sam Anderson
  • A New bag of Tricks for Walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Late Ice Fishing is the best by Sam Anderson
  • Falling for autumn eyes by Sam Anderson
  • A Few tools for fall walleye by Sam Anderson
  • Big and Bulky for fall walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Just Truck'n for Summer Reservoir Eyes by Sam Anderson 
  • Getting ready for fall by Sam Anderson
  • Night Fishing Cure for Summertime Blues by Sam Anderson 
  • Speed Crank'n by Sam Anderson
  • Shake Rattle and Roll for Summer Walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Drifting Subtleties for Walleyes By Sam Anderson
  • Finesse Cranks by Sam Anderson
  • Early Season river Walleyes so Sweet and Simple by Sam Anderson
  • Top Walleye Pros use Drift Control Presentation by Sam Anderson
  • Way down along the Spawny River by Sam Anderson
  • Road Trip for Southern Eyes by Sam Anderson
  • Early Ice Walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Crankin Cold Water eyes by Sam Anderson
  • Late Season Lindy rigging by Sam Anderson
  • Staging transitional fall walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Taildancing the Tailrace by Sam Anderson
  • The Best Fishing is just ahead by Sam Anderson
  • Trailering to the lake by Sam Anderson
  • Mad Summer Walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Getting Ready to go Fishing by Sam Anderson
  • Early Spring Walleye fishing by Sam Anderson
  • \Being in Control for Spring Walleyes By Sam Anderson
  • Breaking up is hard to do by Sam Anderson
  • Off Season Chores by Sam Anderson
  • Open water Walleyes In the Winter by Sam Anderson
  • Late Season eyes by Sam Anderson
  • Walleye Fishing in the Fall by Sam Anderson
  • Harvest Moon Walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Raking in a bushel basket of 'Eyes by Sam Anderson
  • More than Just a toy by Sam Anderson
  • Heat Waves a Comin' by Sam Anderson
  • Going Vertical on Current Breaks by Sam Anderson
  • Changes in water levels effects walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Lite up the night bite by Sam Anderson
  • Six Factors for Crankin’ for ‘Eyes by Sam Anderson
  • Fuel Efficient Outboards Helping the Fisherman by Sam Anderson
  • Watching water levels for fish location! By Sam Anderson
  • Rigging this Spring with the No-Snagg  By Sam Anderson
  • Super Sized Walleyes By Sam Anderson 
  • Boat Control in the Spring by Sam Anderson
  • Spring River Patterns by Sam Anderson
  • Live bait rigs and Spinners for Ice Out Walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Using Abrasion Resistant Line for Trophy Walleyes By Sam Anderson
  • Something smells fishy By Sam Anderson
  • Something smells fishy by Sam Anderson
  • Changing fishing habits is rewarding By Sam Anderson
  • Iced up Eyes By Sam Anderson
  • Walleyes under the ice By Sam Anderson
  • Fishing a new Lake Anywhere By Sam Anderson
  • Good Walleye Fishing in the Fall By Sam Anderson
  • Fall Walleye Fishing on a Lake within a River System By Sam Anderson
  • Small rivers produce some Trophy Walleyes  By Sam Anderson
  • Fishing Humps during Fall turnover  By Sam Anderson
  • Fall transitional Walleyes  By Sam Anderson
  • Spring tactics for late summer walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • The Sportsman's Choice: Suburban vs. Pickup By Sam Anderson
  • A new look at fishing by Sam Anderson
  • Cast Party for the Walleye players  By Sam Anderson
  • Controlling Wind and Waves by Sam Anderson
  • Catin for Walleyes by Sam Anderson
  • Use cold Front tactics for Early Season Walleyes  by Sam Anderson
  • Best Spots by a Dam Site  by Sam Anderson
  • Spring Walleyes on Thill floats By Sam Anderson
  • The Sauger Camoflaged Commander of the Deep By Sam Anderson
  • Walleye Basics # 1  By  Sam Anderson
  • Looking forward to spring by Sam Anderson
  • River rigging and Jigging By Sam Anderson
  • The Subtle Structure Mud Lines by Sam Anderson
  • Saugers at Night By Sam Anderson
  • Crucial Aspects of Presentation , your Boat By Sam Anderson
  • Walleyes In Flooded Timber By Sam Anderson
  • Day Dream Walleyes  By Sam Anderson
  • Fall Weed Patern By Sam Anderson
  • Long Line Trolling  By Sam Anderson
  • Ideal Christmas Gifts for the Sportsman  By Sam Anderson
  • Walleyes In the corner pocket  By Sam Anderson
  • Winterizing your boat  By Sam Anderson
  • Tackling the southern reservoirs for walleye  By Sam Anderson 
  • Mike Gofron walleye fishing pro from Antioch Illinois Mike Gofron
  • Slipsinker Rigging for Summer Walleyes By Mike Gofron and Bob Riege
  • Bart Rosen
  • Gain Control with Drift Socks by Bart Rosen 
  • Doug Newhoff
  • New Item  Jigs With A Point by Doug Newhoff
  • Mark Leadens
  • New Item September to Remember by Mark Leadens
  • John Peterson
  • Throttling Back for the Spring Attack By John Peterson with Noel Vick
  • Mark Brumbaugh
  • Open Water Netting by Mark Brumbaugh
  • Erie Walleyes Kings of the Road by Mark Brumbaugh
  • Shallow water walleyes in the fall by Mark Brumbaugh
  • Oh those Erie Eyes by Mark Brumbaugh and Bob Riege
  • Open water trolling by Mark Brumbaugh and Bob Reige
  • Eric Naig
  • Early-Season Bass Tactics on Okoboji  by Eric Naig
  • Cold-Front Strategies by Eric Naig
  • River Walleye by Eric Naig 
  • Advanced Jigging Secrets by Eric Naig
  • Perry Good Pro walleye fisherman Perry Goods Fishing Articles
  • Humpty dumpty had a great Fall by Perry Good
  • 3 T’s of Fall, Transition, Turnover, and Trophy Walleyes by Perry Good
  • Autumn Walleye on Lakes and Rivers by Perry Good
  • Live Baitin’ with Leeches by Perry Good
  • Fishing the Flats in the Spring by Perry Good
  • Slipping the current breaks by Perry Good
  • Rattling up some Walleyes by Perry Good
  • Graduate to Plasticsby Perry Good
  • Head Banging, Heart thumpin Walleyes by Perry Good
  • Fall Walleye Fishing on Mille Lacs By Perry Good
  • Charge up those internal and External batteries By Perry Good
  • Tough Fishing? Head for the Woods (Lake of the Woods) By Perry Good
  • Get the Cranks a Moving by Perry Good
  • Slip bobbers Effective Presentation  By Perry Good
  • Crankbait Selection By Perry Good
  • Get the net under those trophy fish by Perry Good
  • fishing Deep Structure by Perry Good
  •  Search for trophy Walleyes  by Perry Good
  • The Right conditions for walleyes by Perry Good
  • Tough Fishing?  Head for the Woods (Lake of the Woods) By Perry Good 
  • Sheldon Medinger
  •  Trolling Tactics for temperamental Walleyes by Sheldon Medinger
  • Tommy Skarlis
  • ICE FISHING FEEDING FRENZY by: Fishing the Wildside On Ice with Tommy Skarlis
  • If you want to catch more fish through the ice, you can "Stick It!" by the On Ice Tour Team
  • Introduced to Exoctics by Tommy Skarlis
  • Walleyes with a taste for form and structure by Tommy Skarlis
  • Winter Vacations in the Ice fishing belt by Tommy Skarlis
  • John Campbell
  • New Item!!!Early Fall Transitional Walleyes by John Campbell 
  • Trends in Trailering by John Campbell 
  • Structure is the Key for Summer Walleyes by John Campbell 
  • Fishing Spooky 'Eyes by John Campbell
  • Reelin in the Fish by John Campbell 
  • Lead-Core for Spring 'Eye  By John Campbell
  • Searching for the Trophy 'Eye By John Campbell 
  • Pattering Spring Walleyes By John Campbell 
  • Changing Conditions for Iced Walleyes By John Campbell
  • Finding the Right Boat By John Campbell 
  • Winter Walleyes are Sensitive to Structure By John Campbell 
  • Fatting Up For Winter By John Campbell 
  • Fall Walleyes in the Weeds By John Campbell 
  • Eyes for the Fall By John Campbell 
  • Speed. Get Those Blades a Turnin by John Campbell
  • Looking for Walleyes in All the Right Places by John Campbell
  • Walleyes in the Weeds or on the Rocks By John Campbell 
  • Getting Jiggy Over Transitional Walleyes By John Campbell .
  • Early Season 'Eyes By John Campbell 
  • Walleyes Far From the Madding Crowd By John Campbell 
  • Trolling and Drifting for Spring 'Eyes By John Campbell 
  • Strategies for Catchin' New 'Eyes By John Campbell 
  • Getting Organized for the Season By John Campbell 
  • Rigging and Jigging with Lindy By John Campbell 
  • Jeff Beckwith
  • To Spoon, or not to Spoon by Jeff Beckwith 
  • Chip Leer
  • New Item!!! Overcoming Zippered Lips by Chip Leer
  • Artificial Intelligence by Chip Leer
  • Mike Giamportone
  • New Item!!! My Secret Weapon by Mike Giamportone 
  • How to Tie Crawler Harnesses by Mike Giamportone

  • Dan Vinovich Tracker pro staff walleye fishermanDan Vinovich Fishing articles
  • New Item!!! Cranking Spring Sauger by  Dan Vinovich 
  • Spring Time Carolina Cranks by  Dan Vinovich 
  • Here Piggy Piggy by Dan Vinovich
  • Maps by Dan Vinovich
  • Flash Dance by Dan Vinovich
  • Getting Crazy with Cranks by Dan Vinovich
  • High and Muddy by Dan Vinovich
  • Winter Walleyes by Dan Vinovich
  • Board em Up by Dan Vinovich
  • It's a Snap by Dan Vinovich
  • Big fish on the big pond by Dan Vinovich
  • Spin to win by Dan Vinovich 
  • When the cold sends fish deep get vertical by Dan Vinovich
  • Sauger and Walleye on the Illinois River The Fall Bite by Dan Vinovich
  • Nothing but Nets by Dan Vinovch
  • Spoons the Forgotten Lure by Dan Vinovich
  • The Baitfish Connection by Dan Vinovich
  • Blade Basics by Dan Vinovich 
  • Under Pressure by Dan Vinovich
  • Jim Corey 
  • New Item!!! Go Thin to Win by Jim Corey
  • Sauger Reproduction by Jim Corey
  • Master the Tools of Your Trade By Jim Corey
  • Speed and Size for Mid Winter Eyes by Jim Corey
  • On Ice Tour
  • New Item!!! Christmas Toys for the Boys by Doug Newhoff and the Fishing the WildSide On Ice Pro Staff
  • Eating like a Pauper, not a King by John Peterson and Noel Vick
  • Salad bowl Walleyes by Noel Vick and John Peterson
  • They’re Creepy and They’re Kooky By Noel Vick with On Ice Tour
  • Hunting Hard Water Wolves by Chip Leer
  • High percentage spots for early ice walleyes by Noel Vick
  • Light’s on, Heat’s on, and this Puppy’s Moving
  • Hard Water and Sonar Inseperable by Noel Vick and the On Ice Tour
  • Eyes Up High By Noel Vick with On Ice Tour
  • Tag Team Searching by Noel Vick and the On Ice tour
  • Another Look at Flag Fishing By Noel Vick with On Ice Tour
  • John Kolinski's fishing Article
  • New Item!!!The Edge of Darkness by John Kolinski 
  • Double Down to Win with Walleyes by John Kolinski 
  • The Need for Speed by John Kolinski 
  • Dirty Little Secrets by John Kolinski 
  • Have a Crappie Day by John Kolinski 
  • Keep On Crankin' by John Kolinski 
  • Friends in Low Places by John Kolinski 
  • Open Spaces, Happy Faces by John Kolinski
  • The Perfect Landing by John Kolilnski
  • Small Water, Big Results by  John Kolinski
  • Rigging Tournament Tough by  John Kolinski
  • Taking the tournament plunge by John Kolinski
  • Fall follies by John Kolinski
  • Simple Pleasures by John Kolinski
  • The need for Speed by John Kolinski
  • Clear as Mud by John Kolinski
  • Yes I Wood by John Kolinski
  • March Madness by John Kolinski
  • How to Hang Ten by John Kolinski
  • Winter Fixes by John Kolinski
  • Dam those December Walleyes by John Kolinski
  • Fins or Feathers by John Kolinski
  • Go for an early fall spin by John Kolinski
  • Spooning for Walleye by John Kolinski
  • Mastering the Mystery  by John Kolinski
  • The path of most resistance by John Kolinski
  • When Inches mean pounds by John Kolinski
  • Lucky Charm Walleyes by John Kolinski
  • Getting Jiggy with it by John Kolinski
  • Last Dance Walleyes by John Kolinski
  • Skinny Water Porky Pike by John Kolinski
  • Doug Burns
  • West O Walleyes by Doug Burns
  • Mike Edwards
  • Color Blind by Mike Edwards
  • Walleye river fishing in North Dakota by Mike Edwards

  • Phil Rolfe walleye fishing proPhil Rolfes Fishing Articles
  • Take the Fear Out Of Navigating Big Waters By Phil Rolfe
  • Flats--Walleye's Biggest Secret By Phil Rolfe
  • Opener on the woods by Phil Rolfe
  • Lake of the Woods Spring locations and presentations By Phil Rolfe
  • Jigs--Versatility is the Key For Walleyes By Phil Rolfe
  • Lake of the Woods No Summertime Blues Here By Phil Rolfe
  • Best Time for Trophy Walleyes on Lake of The Woods  By Phil Rolfe
  • As I See It Lake Of The Wood's By Phil Rolfe
  • Cast Like a pro by Phil Rolfe
  • Walleyes Heat up in the Summer by Phil Rolfe

  • Ross Grothe Walleye fishing pro Ross Grothe's fishing articles
  • Stow It with Beckman Bags by Ross Grothe and Sam Anderson
  • Going for a troll by Ross Grothe
  • Wind Blown Walleyes By Ross Grothe & Bob Riege
  • Boat storage for the winter By Ross Grothe
  • Mysteries of Fall Fishing By Ross Grothe
  • Fall River Fishing Below the Dams  By Ross Grothe
  • Walleyes in the Wind  By Ross Grothe
  • Small lake Walleyes  By Ross Grothe
  • Slack Water Walleyes  By Ross Grothe
  • Running and gunning for shallow water walleyes  by Ross Grothe
  • Spring Walleye fishing on The River by Ross Grothe
  • Power Trolling Spinners  by Ross Grothe
  • Buying a new boat by Ross Grothe 
  • Sam Forbes outdoor writer and tournament angler
  • Sam Forbes
  • High water Blues by Sam Forbes
  • The New Boat Bug by Sam Forbes
  • Crazy for Crankbaits by Sam Forbes

  • Mike Peluso pro walleye fisherman and hockey playerMike Peluso
  • Hitting, checking and boarding by Mike Peluso
  • Jig Size, Is Smaller Always Better? By Mike Peluso
  • Split shots By Mike Peluso
  • Colin Crawford
  • Giving fish too much credit by Colin Crawford
  • Down time keeps fishing gear in shape by Colin Crawford
  • Changing Conditions for Iced Walleyes By Colin Crawford
  • Early Ice Crappies by Colin Crawford
  • The Thill is gone by Colin Crawford
  • Late Season Fall Walleyes by Colin Crawford
  • Plastic Baits for fall Walleyes by Colin Crawford 
  • Walleyes In transition by Colin Crawford
  • Trolling for hard water eyes by Colin Crawford
  • Keeping Ice Fishing simple by Colin Crawford
  • Hard water Eyes by Colin Crawford 
  • Deep Freeze Walleyes by Colin Crawford
  • Holiday Ideas for the Sportsperson By Colin Crawford
  • Riggin the Rocks by Colin Crawford
  • GPS and you by Colin Crawford
  • School up some Walleyes by Colin Crawford
  • Walleyes Sensitive to structure by Colin Crawford
  •  Randy Tyler fishing the IN-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail Fishing Articles by Randy Tyler
  • Wing Dams the year round fishing resource  by Randy Tyler
  • The RCL What a Show by Randy Tyler
  • Fishing in the 21st Century by Randy Tyler
  • Swiftwater walleye Techniques by Randy Tyler
  • Fishing the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail as an Amateur by Randy Tyler 
  •  Rick Olson Walleye fishing pro Rick Olson's fishing articles
  • New  Item !!! Walleyes under the bridge by Rick Olson 
  • Finding Hard to Find Walleyes by Rick Olson
  • Up Front for Big Walleyes by Rick Olson 
  • Getting Rigged for more Walleyes by Rick Olson 
  • South Dakota’s New Frontiers by Rick Olson 
  • Targeting First Ice Oahe Walleyes by Rick Olson 
  • Work the Bite for Bigger Walleyes by Rick Olson 
  • Red Hot Dog Day Walleyes by Rick Olson 
  • Hot and Cold Reservoir Walleyes by Rick Olsen
  • Prime Time Walleyes by Rick Olsen
  • Mainstream Walleyes by Rick Olsen
  • Windward Walleyes by Rick Olsen
  • Wide open walleyes by Rick Olson
  • Hot walleye trolling techniques by Rick Olson
  • Ice Out Walleyes In big Reservoirs by Rick Olson
  • Patterns for bigger walleyes by Rick Olson
  • Road Map to more Walleyes by Rick Olson
  • Pressure cooker Walleyes by Rick Olsen
  • Cold front tactics by Rick Olsen
  • Right time time to Jig by Rick Olsen
  • Bridging the Gap to reservoir walleyes by Rick Olsen
  • When In Doubt  by Rick Olson
  • Precision Rigging by Rick Olson
  • Waking the Dead Rod by Rick Olson
  • Bottom Bouncers as easy as 1,2,3 by Rick Olson
  • Fall Wallhangers in November by Rick Olson
  • The Ultimate Walleye Rod by Rick Olson
  • Here Lizard Lizard Lizard by Rick Olson
  • Trying new Techniques by Rick Olson
  • Norb Wallock April shower bring May Walleye. by Norb Wallock and Rick Olson

  • Tony Puccio walleye fishing articles Tony Puccio's fishing articles
  • Trolling techniques for Walleyes by Tony Puccio
  • Slipsnelling for Success by Tony Puccio
  • Cranking for Walleye's By Tony Pucci
  • Effective Backtrolling Techniques By Tony Puccio 
  •  John Phillips's fishing articles
  •  Detroit River's Big Honkin Walleyes by John Phillips
  •  Which walleye tournament circuit is for you ? by John Phillips
  •  Lake Oahe Mobridge Tournament Journal by John Phillips

  •  Norb Wallock pro walleye fisherman Norb Wallock's fishing articles
  • Make a fish foundation for Norb Wallock Very Important special notice Please read .
  • New Item !!!Change Up Walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Hot summer walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Liven it up for more Walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Conquering new waters by Norb Wallock
  • First Strike Walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Secrets to early season walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Warm up to southern Walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Peak to Peak Walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Adventures in Walleye fishing by Norb Wallock
  • Take control for more walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Anchor your way to more walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Float Hopes by Norb Wallock
  • Theres more than one way to three way by Norb Wallock
  • Pickpocket Walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Cutting Big water down to size by Norb Wallock
  • Speed Up for Fast Walleye Action by Norb Wallock
  • Staging for Autumn Walleyes by Norb Wallock
  • Early Spring Walleyesby Norb Wallock
  • Those Dreaded Spring Cold Fronts by Norb Wallock
  • Seeing Is Believing by Norb Wallock 
  • Greg Horoky pro walleye fiisherman Greg Horoky's fishing articles
  •  Planer Board Techniques for Walleyes by Greg Horoky 

  • Bob Rieges Fishing articles
  • New Item !!!! Christmas in July by Bob Reige
  • Open water trolling by Mark Brumbaugh and Bob Reige
  • Controlled contour trolling and slipping by Mike Gofron and Bob Riege
  • Oh those Erie Eyes by Mark Brumbaugh and Bob Riege
  • Wind Blown Walleyes By Ross Grothe & Bob Riege
  • The best gift of all by Bob Riege
  • Whispers on the Water by Bob Riege
  • Spring Shallow Water Eyes by Bob Riege
  • Back to school for fish by Bob Riege
  • The New Millennium Ice Age is about to Begin By Bob Riege
  • Back to School on Crankbait Retrieval By Bob Riege
  • Headin south for Walleyes by Bob Riege
  • Opening Day Walleyes by Bob Riege
  • Mississippi River Walleyes and Sauger By Bob Riege
  • Cold Water Eyes By Bob Riege

  • Mark Martin Walleye fishing articles Mark Martin's fishing articles
  • New !!!!!!!Taming the Waves of Big Lakes by Sam Anderson and Mark Martin
  • The Killer Bs: Live Bait and Boat Control by Mark Martin
  • Trolling or Holing? by Mark Martin 
  • Mo’ Better Views by Mark Martin 
  • When Possibilities Knock by Mark Martin
  • Two Timing Walleyes by Mark Martin
  • Mid Summer Walleyes by Mark Martin
  • When Reality Bites by Mark Martin
  • Fishing the Great Lakes in April by Mark Martin
  • Dropoffs Weedlines and Points key area's of focus for Icing Eyes  by Mark Martin
  • Life as a professional fisherman  Mark Strand interviews touring pro Mark Martin
  • Early Season Ice Techniques by Mark Martin
  • Speaking out on Boat Control by Mark Martin
  • Finding those October Walleyes by Mark Martin
  • Mark Martin talks lures and presentations by Mark Martin
  • When Walleyes Attack by Mark Martin
  • Night time strategies for Walleyes by Mark Martin
  • Early Ice Tactics  By Mark Martin
  • Swing it for more Walleyes How to fish the pendulum system By Mark Martin
  • The eyes come Marching In Pre spawn River Walleye Tactics By Mark Martin
  • Things that are new for Y2K By Mark Martin
  • Mike Mladenik walleye fishing pro, guide and outdoor writer from Wisconsin Mike Mladenik  pro page Fishing articles
  • Techniques for Fishing the flowages of  Wisconsin for Walleye By Mike Mladenik
  • First open water fishing in Wisconsin By Mike Mladenik  
  • Choose the right lake for early season Walleye By Mike Mladenik 

  • Arlen Wendt fishing the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye TrailArlen Wendts fishing articles
  • Fishing the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail as an Amateur by Arlen Wendt 
  • Chief Kim Papineau walleye proKim "Chief " Papineaus fishing articles
  •  Reality Check  by "Chief" Kim Papineau
  •  First ICEby "Chief" Kim Papineau 
  • Gary Engberg Walleye fishing guide and tournament pro Gary Engberg's fishing articles
  • The Illinois River, A Sauger Bonanza by Gary Engberg
  • Spring River Walleye 101 by Gary Engberg
  • Decembers Open Water Walleyes by Gary Engberg
  • Ice Eyes by Gary Engberg
  • Winnebagos Suspended Walleyes by Gary Engberg
  • Spring Walleyes Nows the time by Gary Engberg
  • Bass Tactics for High Water Spring Walleyes by Gary A. Engberg 
  • Captain Dan Manyen
  • Spring Walleye roundup by Captain Dan Manyen
  •  Ted Takasaki 1998 PWT Champion Brainerd Minnesota Ted Takasaki's  fishing articles
  • New Item !!Riding the Walleye Highway by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • High Seas Walleyes by Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • Get in the Game by Takasaki and Scott Richardson 
  • Shallow River Eyes by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson 
  • Old Reliable by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson 
  • Rigging with Al Lindner by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson 
  • Rock and Roll in Shallow Water by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson 
  • Night Eyes by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • Chop Walleyes with Hatchet Spinners by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson 
  • Round Up Walleyes with Good Boat Control byTed Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • Dream Boat or Nightmare? By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • Deep Water Eyes by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • !Fishing heavy cover the best of time's by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • !10 Steps to Better Jigging By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • Rigging with Drift Control by Ted Takasaki and Bob Riege
  • Fishing Heavy Cover "The Best of Times" by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • Precision Jigging by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • Live Bait Tricks for Tough Bites By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • The Mighty Mississippi - The Jewel of the Midwest for Walleye By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • "Fall Over for Hawg Eyes” By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • The Canadian Experience by Scott Richardson and Ted Takasaki
  • Canadian Bronze Bombers by Scot Richardson and Ted Takasaki
  • Ted Takasaki climbs to the top of the PWT Championship ladder
  • Reflections of a champion by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
  • Ted Takasaki's World of Walleye Shallow water walleye fishing
  • Ted Takasaki's World of Walleye  Trolling for walleye, a Deadly Tactic 
  • Gary Roach's fishing articles
  • Icefishing Tips by Mr.Walleye Gary Roach
  • Looking for Baitfish by Gary Roach
  • October Walleyesby Gary Roach
  • APRIL ON OAHE  Early spring fishing by Gary Roach
  • FINDING WALLEYES  By Gary Roach 
  • Shane Belter
  • Cold front Walleyes by Shane Belter
  • Spring Time Walleye by Shane Belter
  • More to Jigs Than Meet the ‘Eyes by Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz
  • Float’n spinners for Salmon & Steelhead by Vic Carrao
  • An "Unreal" Tactic for Summertime Walleyes By Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz
  • The Ins and outs of boards By Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz 
  • Early Season Walleye Tactics By Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz
  • Big ugly bottom bouncers Using bottom bouncers by Keith Kavajecz and Gary Parsons
  • Casting Some Light on Shallow Walleyes by Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz
  • Mitchell's Guide Service. Devils Lake finest fishing for walleye, perch, northern pike and white bass. Jason Mitchell's Guiding Service
  • Jason Mitchells guideing service on Devils lake North Dakota
  • Water Clarity and Walleyes by Jason Mitchell 
  • The Gauge on Shallow Water Walleyes by Jason Mitchell
  • Crankbait Patterns for Walleyes by Jason Mitchell
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