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walleye, walleyes, jigging, jig, jigs

    North American Walleye Anglers                      East Wind Brings Local Anglers Luck
During Day One of Kawasaki/MinnKota "High Plains Quest"                     Pro/AM Team Rescues Youths as Canoe Sinks                     Wednesday, August 11,1999 - Garrison, ND .... Though an east wind                     typically means slow fishing, it brought back to two local professional                     anglers, as well as two youngsters here today during Day One of the                     Kawasaki/MinnKota Mandan, ND, pro Doug Hermanson and his                     Amateur partner Sawn Schaff of Dickinson, ND, captured the early                     lead during the first round of competition here today on North Dakota's                     famous Lake Sakakawea."                     "Fortunately for us, the gusting winds and rough water did not adversely                     affect our game plan," Hermanson said during the Day One press                     conference. "Sure, boat control was tough but the real key to our                     success today was keeping our baits at the correct depth."                     Weighing 26.27 lbs of walleyes, Hermanson and Schaff weighed one of                     31 six-fish limits brought to the Day One scales. Hermanson said the                     bigger fish are holding at a precise depth and any significant variation in                     depth presentation can be critical.                     "On a big reservoir like this, the key is to keep moving and searching for                     schools of big active fish," said Hermanson. "Most of our bigger fish are                     coming on Reef Runner Ripsticks, and it's proving to be a great bait on                     this lake."                     One big key to success was locating a number of good fishing locations                     before the tournament started, Day One runner up Lorrie Schafer said.                     As a local angler, he realized wind often plays a role in the angler's                     ability to fish certain portions of the lake.                     I had several spots that could be fished under almost any condition," he                     explained. "The one spot I chose today was sheltered, so wind wasn't a                     factor."                     Schafer of Minot, ND, and his amateur partner John Flaherty of                     Thornton, CO, weighed a six fish limit totaling 25.14 pounds.                     Starting the Day Two competition in third place are Blaine, MN, pro                     Jim Bell and amateur Greg Schoneck of Minot, ND, who weighed                     23.83 pounds of walleyes.                     Two NAWA competitiors cut their fishing time short today due to a cry                     for help in the distance. Pierre, SD, pro Dan Stier and his amateur                     partner Erie Dearie lure manufacturer Dan Balbicea, Cortland, OH,                     scooped a pair of youngsters from harm's way after their canoe                     overturned and drifted away.                     "The kids were so frightened by the ordeal, they could hardly speak,"                     Stier said. "Though weighing life jackets, they were in danger due to the                     rough-water conditions of the lake."                     NAWA Pro Angler and Amateur anglers in the top 10 spots include:                     1.                        Doug Hermanson, Mandan, ND                        Shawn Schaff, Dickinson, ND                                             26.27 lbs                     2.                        Lorrie Schaefer, Minot, ND                        John Flaherty, Thornton, CO                                             25.14 lbs                     3.                        Jim Bell, Blaine, MN                        Greg Schoneck, Minot, ND                                             23.83 lbs                     4.                        Dave Anderson, Amery, WI                        Troy Child, Dillon, MT                                             22.31 lbs                     5.                        Todd Riley, Amery, WI                        Erwin Marson, Brandson, SD                                             21.62 lbs                     6.                        Sheldon Meidinger, Bismarck, ND                        Roger Schumann, Glenburn, SD                                             20.79 lbs                     7.                        Ken Seffron, Omaha, NE                        Chuck Dube, Brooklyn Oark, MN                                             20.02lbs                     8.                        Mike Pehuso, Bismarck, ND                        John Carney, West Valley, NY                                             19.28 lbs                     9.                        Norb Wallock, Conover, WI                        Ken Olson, Roseville, MN                                             18.49 lbs                     10.                        Dan Stier, Pierre, SD                        Dan Balbincea, Cortland, OH                                             18.35 lbs                      Third-place finishers Jim Bell and his amateur partner Greg Schoneck                     caught the Day One "LaCrosse Lunker" $500 Big Fish Award. The                     team weighed an 5.96 lbs walleye, the biggest fish of the day.                     This event, the fourth on NAWA's 1999 tournament trail, and the third                     of four "Quest Series" events leading up to the Cabela's "Quest                     Championship", Sept. 22-24, in Red Wing, MN, bring an interesting                     format to the world of competitive walleye fishing. The entire field of                     professional and amateur anglers competed during the first two days of                     the event.                     Following tomorrow's Day Two weigh-in, the field will be pared down                     to the top 15 pros and amateurs for the final day of competition on                     Friday. All of the top 15 anglers from both divisions will cash checks or                     receive prizes. And, though not competing on Day Three, Pro and                     Amateur anglers finishing in 16th through 25th place after the Day Two                     competition, will also qualify for cash or prizes.                     Tournament anglers will return to the water tomorrow for Day Two of                     the Kawasaki/Minn Kota "High Plains Quest."                     The action gets underway tomorrow at 7 a.m. Weigh-in activities begin                     at 3:45 pm here at Garrison's Fort Stevenson State Park. In addition to                     seeing some great catches, spectators can also attend a free mini                     outdoor sports show featuring products and hands-on demonstrations                     from factory experts representing NAWA sponsors.                     In addition to this world-class fishing competition, fishing fans can attend                     a special water show featuring the Ski nautiques (an exhibition water ski                     team) beginning here at 6:30 pm on Saturday. 

North American Walleye Anglers
                           High Winds and Small Craft
                           Warnings Delay Day Two of
                       Kawasaki/Minn Kota "High Plains

                     Action Resumes on Friday with "High Plains
                     Quest" Saturday Features "Quest Finals", "Team
                     Challenge" and NAWA Kids Fishing Contest 

                     by NAWA Staff 

                     Thursday, August 12,1999 - Garrison, ND .... Many of the
                     participants in the Kawasaki/Minn Kota "High Plains Quest" spent
                     today reviewing maps and strategy after NAWA tournament officials
                     elected to postpone Thursday's Day Two competition due to safety

                     Small craft warnings were issued after high winds (with some gusts in
                     excess of 50 mph) whipped the sprawling lake to a froth. In addition, a
                     cold and stinging rain pelted the area throughout most of the morning
                     and afternoon. 

                     "Safety is always our primary concern in these events," said Cabela's
                     SQI Fishing Events Director Jim George. "Earlier today we received
                     reports of four to six-foot swells out on the open water and many of our
                     anglers are traveling long distances to their fishing locations." 

                     Following tomorrow's Day Two weigh-in, the field will be pared down
                     to the top 15 pros and amateurs for the final day of competition on
                     Saturday. All of the top 15 anglers from both divisions will cash checks
                     or receive prizes. And, through not competing on Day Three, Pro and
                     Amateur anglers finishing in 16th through 25th place after the Day Two
                     competition, will also qualify for cash or prizes. 

                     The remaining contestants start from scratch on Day Three, the final
                     round in this "high-stakes" shootout held at Garrison's Fort Stevenson
                     State Park. 

                     The 15 professional and amateur contestants qualifying for Saturday's
                     Day Three finals will depart the launch site just minutes ahead of those
                     participating in the Kawasaki/Minn Kota "Team Challenge", a two-day
                     team competition that begins Saturday, also at Garrison's Fort
                     Stevenson State Park. 

                     The current standings following the Day One competition are as follows:
                        Doug Hermanson, Mandan, ND
                        Shawn Schaff, Dickinson, ND
                                             26.27 lbs
                        Lorrie Schaefer, Minot, ND
                        John Flaherty, Thornton, CO
                                             25.14 lbs
                        Jim Bell, Blaine, MN
                        Greg Schoneck, Minot, ND
                                             23.83 lbs
                        Dave Anderson, Amery, WI
                        Troy Child, Dillon, MT
                                             22.31 lbs
                        Todd Riley, Amery, WI
                        Erwin Marson, Brandson, SD
                                             21.62 lbs
                        Sheldon Meidinger, Bismarck, ND
                        Roger Schumann, Glenburn, SD
                                             20.79 lbs
                        Ken Seffron, Omaha, NE
                        Chuck Dube, Brooklyn Oark, MN
                        Mike Pehuso, Bismarck, ND
                        John Carney, West Valley, NY
                                             19.28 lbs
                        Norb Wallock, Conover, WI
                        Ken Olson, Roseville, MN
                                             18.49 lbs
                        Dan Stier, Pierre, SD
                        Dan Balbincea, Cortland, OH
                                             18.35 lbs
                        Mark Courts, Harris, MN
                        William Olsen, Glenburn, ND
                                             17.93 lbs
                        Tom Darr, Harlin, IN
                        Glen Gray, Minot, ND
                                             17.84 lbs
                        Brad Davis, Jackson, WI
                        Frank Christianson, Blomkest, MN
                                             17.52 lbs
                        P[at Foster, Little Canada, MN
                        Donald Nelson, Amery, WI
                                             17.22 lbs
                        Jim Peterson, Elk River, MN
                        John Larson, Prior Lake, MN
                                             16.48 lbs

                     The top Pro prize, valued at nearly $30,000 includes a new Lund 1800
                     Pro-V Tournament Series boat, 150 horsepower XR6 Mercury motor
                     and trailer. Amateur anglers will be fishing for a top prize of a new Lund
                     1700 Angler SS boat, 90 horsepower Mercury motor and trailer valued
                     at $14,000. 

                     The competition resumes Friday at Fort Stevenson State Park.
                     Weigh-in activities gets underway at 4 p.m. In addition to seeing some
                     great catches, spectators can visit with NAWA sponsors and see some
                     of the latest in fishing and outdoor gear. 

                     Youn anglers will have an opportunity to test their fishing skills Saturday
                     during NAWA Kids Fishing Contest, also at Fort Stevenson State
                     Park. These future NAWA pros will compete for prizes in several age
                     groups. Registration begins at 11:30 am at NAWA's Tournament
                     Headquarters and every angler will win a prize.
North American Walleye Anglers
                       NAWA Veteran Jim Bell Earns Title
                      In Kawasaki/Minn Kota "High Plains

                     by NAWA Staff 

                     Saturday, August 14,1999 - Garrison, ND .... The third time was the
                     charm in more than one way for one Blaine, MN, professional angler
                     here today on North Dakota's Lake Sakakawea. Veteran NAWA Pro
                     Jim Bell collected his third win on his third visit to Lake Sakakawea. 

                     Bell weighed a six-fish limit totaling 25.17 lbs to capture the highly
                     coveted Pro title in the KAwasaki/Minn Kota "High Plains Quest" at
                     Fort Stevenson State Park. Bell outdistanced an elite field of the
                     nation's top professional anglers by weighing the heaviest six-fish limit
                     brought to the scales during the Day Three competition on this famous
                     North Dakota lake. 

                     Like many of the anglers finishing on top in this event, Bell was fishing
                     an area near the beacon- a spot that seemed to produce many of the
                     larger fish caught during this world-class competition. Here, he refined
                     his approach earlier this week to catch bigger walleyes -- those needed
                     to win th event's top prize. 

                     "We've been live-bait rigging with leeches until we boat our first six
                     fish," Bell told the press contingent. "Then, it was out to the tips of the
                     points, where we trolled Reef Runner Ripsticks to catch the bigger
                     walleyes that took us to the top." 

                     During the final day of competition, Bell maintained the same game plan
                     he used earlier in the week. Despite the widely varying weather
                     conditions, his strategies continued to produce quality catches. The lure,
                     he said, played a key role in his success. 

                     "Instead of a tight wobble, the lure will occasionally kick off to the side
                     with an erratic action," Bell explained. "This seemed to trigger strikes
                     and certainly made a significant difference in my success this week here
                     on Lake Sakakawea." 

                     Bell's Day Three weight was 25.17 pounds, earning him the top Pro
                     prize, valued at more than $20,000, including a new Lund 1800 Pro-V
                     Tournament Series boat, 150 horsepower XR6 Mercury motor and

                     Finishing in the runner-up spot was local pro Sheldon Meidinger, of
                     Bismarck, ND. Meidinger also fished the same general area throughout
                     the entire event. 

                     "When it came to big fish, I found that boat speed was critical to
                     success," Meidinger said at the press conference. "The bigger walleyes
                     seemed to prefer a faster trolling speed." 

                     Like Ball, Meidinger was using Reef Runner Ripsticks. The blue and
                     silver colors seemed to be the most productive this week. Meidinger's
                     Day Three catch of 24.43 pounds earned him a total of $5,371. 

                     Norb Wallock, a Conover, WI, pro, finished in third with a catch
                     weighing 21.13 pounds. Wallock's third place finish earned him $4,700
                     in cash winnings. 

                     Sitting atop the amateur standings at the conclusion of the final day was
                     Gene LaMere of Amery, WI, who came to the scales with 25.17
                     pounds, have been paired with Jim Bell, LaMere takes home a new
                     Lund 1700 Angler SS boat, 90 horsepower Mercury motor and trailer
                     valued at $14,000. 

                     Finishing second in the amateur division was Shawn Schuff of
                     Dickinson, ND. Schuff received a $470 payday for his efforts. Third
                     place and $403 in winnings went to Britt, IA, amateur Al Olson. 

                     Bismarck, ND, Pro Sheldon Meidinger and his Amateur partner Shawn
                     Schuff of Dickinson, ND, captured the $500 Day Three LaCrosse
                     Lunker Award for their 6.14 lb walleye. 

                     The top five finishers in the Kawasaki/Minn Kota "High Plains Quest"
                     field are as follows:
                       Jim Bell, Blaine, MN
                       Gene LaMere, Amery, WI
                                            25.17 lbs
                                                  $20,142 inc Lund
                                                  Lund Boat
                       Sheldon Meidinger, Bismarck,
                       Shawn Schaff, Dickinson, ND
                                            24.43 lbs
                       Norb Wallock, Conover, WI
                       Al Olson, Britt, IA
                                            21.13 lbs
                       Jim Peterson, Elk River, MN
                       Greg Schoneck, Minot, ND
                                            20.30 lbs
                       Dan Stier, Pierre, SD
                       Frank Christianson, Blomkest,

                     Along with the "Quest" finals today, team anglers took to the water for
                     Day One of the Kawasaki/Minn Kota "Team Challenge", a world-class
                     fishing event designed specifically for team anglers. The two-day "Team
                     Challenge" is handled as if it is two separate events. The total prize
                     money is split in half, with the top teams each day receiving cash and

                     Taking the Day One first place prize were long time fishing partners
                     Rick Folden from Parshall, ND and Terry Dutchak of Gillette, WY. 

                     Live bait rigs produced the majority of the team's six walleyes weighing
                     24.85 lbs. The duo dashed from spot to spot fishing at depths of 18 to
                     20 feet. The pair said they traveled to more than a dozen spots to boat
                     their winning catch. 

                     The Day One "Team Challenge" winners took home a check for

                     Teams finishing in the top five spots were:
                       Rick Folden, Parshall, ND
                       Terry Dutchak, Gillette, WY
                                            24.85 lbs
                       Brad Jensen, Jamestown, ND
                       Dick Brewster, Washburn, ND
                                            24.82 lbs
                       Greg Gulhckson, Minot, ND
                       Loren Desjardins, Minot, ND
                                            24.68 lbs
                       John Courts, Harris, MN
                       Mark Courts, Harris, MN
                                            24.44 lbs
                       Richard Schumann, Glenburn, ND
                       Brad Brandt, Glenburn, ND
                                            23.72 lbs

                     The North Dakota team of Brad Jenson, Jamestown and Dick
                     Brewster, Washburn, caught the "Team Challenge" LaCrosse Lunker
                     $500 Big Fish Award. The team weighed a 6.26 lb walleye, the biggest
                     fish of the day.

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