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 Walleye Central
Perry GoodFish Hard - Die Rich
1994 PWT Champion ( Lake of the Woods) · 1995 PWT Mille Lacs Qualifier Champion 
1996 PWT "Top Gun" Winner · The all-time money winner on the PWT & NAWA Walleye Trails
The only fisherman to qualify for every PWT and NAWA championships ever held 
1997 PWT Fort Peck Champion · 1997 Runner-up Angler of the Year

Perry's Online Tips

  • Walleyes Abound on Lake of the Woods

  • Many times you can go over the hump and see that the walleyes are moving up to the top portion of the hump, this signifies that they are in a positive mood and within minutes you should be landing a nice plump walleye in your boat. 
  • Houseboating Walleyes

  • Houseboats allow you to set your own schedule. Whether it is early or late you don’t have to be concerned because you can park right next to the best fishing. 
  • Reflections and Resolutions on Walleye Fishing

  • Winter is the earth's opportunity to lie fallow, to regroup, to prepare for a new season of birth and growth we call spring.
  • Going to the GAP

  • Hook gap is overlooked by many anglers as something that is not that important, but if you want to catch more fish this season you should pay attention to this little detail.
  • Tournament Tested, Fisherman Approved

  • With the advent of tournament angling more and more people are actually doing more to conserve the sport of fishing while at the same time teaching and improving the methods that all fisherman can use.
  • Mobility the Key for Ice Fishing

  • Late season ice fishing for walleyes can be tough, but with a little practice and mobility you will find fish and success if you keep these tips in mind.
  • Black Ice Crappies

  • I probably use more sixteenth and eighth ounce jigs than anything else. For the record though, 1/32 and 1/64th ounce will work at times when nothing else will.
  • Perch Jerkin’ Through the Ice

  • Here in Minnesota the perch seems to be one of the most sought after fish when ice covers most of the lakes. In fact, ice fishing season gives most anglers a chance to get out and tie into some of the jumbo perch.
  • Late Season Walleye Ice Fishing

  • As winter ice fishing progresses some tactics have to be changed. 
  • Rigging for Ice Out Walleyes

  • During the spring, live-bait rigs are one of my preferred methods of presentation. 
  • Winter River Walleyes

  • This is the time of the year that winter river walleyes are in their prime.
  • Monster Walleyes Make the Fall Run

  • Some of the finest walleye fishing of the year takes place during the fall. The trick is to find the best action, and to match your presentation to the mood of the fish. 
  • Fall Transition Walleyes

  • This is a time that sportsmen should not overlook because walleyes turn on as if old man winter is ordering them to bite with reckless abandon. Now's the time for trophy fish. 
  • Flat Out Walleyes

  • On the flats, the weather has not as much of an impact as it does in shallow water. Fish favor stability. Relatively constant water temperature, water quality, weather, and abundance of prey let fish live predictably. 
  • Fishing or Pheasant Hunting Transition is the Key

  • Structure is very important whether you are catching fish or hunting pheasants. The similarities are dramatic when you compare the structures, some of these are breaklines, transition zones, inside curves, and funnel down areas. 
  • Walleye Bonanza at Witch Bay

  • My son Jason and outdoor writer Bob Riege joined me this past July to experience some of the best walleye fishing I have had. The three of us caught forty walleyes over 21 inches in three days of fishing. 
  • New Lake or Old Patterns for Walleyes Pays Off!

  • Establishing a pattern is simply described as finding where the most walleyes are most susceptible to bait. 
  • Weather Related Walleyes

  • One very important factor that I consider is weather stability. Increasing weather stability will usually mean that there will be more active fish, but keep in mind stable weather doesn't mean four day of cold front conditions. 
  • Walleyes on Carolina's

  • Carolina Rigging is a bass technique that is very similar to Roach Rigging for walleye. The Carolina Rig employs a 1/0 to 4/0 worm hook in place of the Roach rig's small live-bait hook. 
  • Rattling up some Walleyes

  • In essence, the fish are attracted to the rattling noise and like other animals they are inquisitive and interested in what is going on. 
  • Summertime Walleyes

  • ;Learning to understand the special needs and preferences of a species is critical to locating fish in any body of water. 
  • Contour Trolling

  • Contour trolling will allow you to present your bait right in front of the walleyes nose. In cold front conditions this is essential. 
  • Casting, Flippin and Pitching for Walleyes 

  • Casting works best for walleyes in several situations. When you have the fish pinpointed, a casting presentation can be the best way to keep your bait in the fishes strike zone. 
  • Charging Your Boats Circulation System 

  • Batteries are the heart of any boat, and they provide a network of power to run all the accessories on the boat. It would be very similar to the internal workings of the human body. 
  • Reflections of my Father's Eyes

  • All to often we get involved in our daily routines and we don't realize that we need to stop and take time to teach our children some of the ways to enjoy leisure activities, especially the ones that deal with the outdoors.
  • Search for Trophy Walleyes

  • The hunt for trophy walleyes begins in April and will continue all the way through the summer. The planning can start anytime, but now is the time to get that boat hooked-up and on the way to some real fishing, hotspots.
  • Opening Day Walleyes

  • Why do so many people venture forth on these cool spring mornings in the pursuit of walleyes’? What makes this fish more important than a bass or northern pike?
  • Witch Bay Camp

  • What about the fishing? Well believe me it is second to none. Here are some tips if you are heading up to Witch Bay Camp early this year:.
  • Rigged Up and Ready

  • Give some thought as to why you're putting a particular piece of equipment in a certain place and you'll be on your way to owning a fishing machine made just for you.
  • Slip- Bobbers Effective Presentation 

  • The bobber has evolved into one of the best methods for taking structured walleyes, especially over pieces of structure, such as rock piles and gravel points.
  • Head Banging, Heart Thumping Walleyes 

  • The head thumping, heart stopping factor, is matching your bait to the level at which the fish are the most active.
  • Plastic Baits are Touchy, Feely and Squishy 

  • ... there are times when plastic baits will be just as productive and easier to use than the live stuff.
  • Sweat the Little Things .... They Make a Big Difference 

  • ...being a professional angler my living depends on sweating the little things, because if you do they will pay off big.
  • Right Conditions for Walleyes

  • Wherever walleyes are found, anglers can get in on this exciting action provided they can identify the prerequisite key to success.
  • Wing Dams are the Key to Success

  • If you ask any river veteran about the primary structure to fish around, without a doubt you will get the same response "wing dams." .
  • Crankbait Selection

  • Some baits may indeed be designed primarily to attract humans, but what scientists know about fish suggests that most of the bells and whistles featured on the fancier lures actually do appeal to a variety of fish.
  • Keep the Bait Moving 

  • If walleyes smash my bait as I am looking for them they signal to me that they want fast moving baits and they will chase anything that will swim.
  • Fishing Deep Structure with Lead

  • Two distinct methods will help you improve your odds of catching more walleyes when they seem to hug the bottom during cold fronts and in pressure situations. These two methods are leadcore line fishing and the use of the bottom bouncer.
  • Get the Net Under Those Trophy Fish

  • Perhaps the most frustrating experience on the water is losing a good walleye next to the boat. 
  • Hooked on Perch

  • As far as table fare is concerned, you can't beat a plate full of fried perch with a little lemon pepper and some Shore Lunch batter. 
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