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Buying a new Boat
Ross Grothe Walleye fishing pro
By Ross Grothe

 When winter grips the land and the only open water that you see has a constant plume of steam rising from it you know it is time to look for a new boat.  At Sportshows everyone crowds around the newest and latest models all shined up to attract the buyers.  American may have a love affair with the automobile, but in the Upper Midwest we have a love affair with our boats.
 What should you look for in a new boat?  What color should it be?  What features and what necessities do you need in a new boat?  I wonder what they will give me for my old Queen Mary?  Countless questions come from the customers and all of them are important questions.
 The most important thing that a boat buyer should be asking themselves is what am I going to use this boat for?  If you are going to use it to fish for crappies you probably don't need the latest coastal racing boat.  You should probably look  for something that is aluminum, flat bottomed and has a small enough horsepower motor that will get you to and from you favorite backwater areas.
 Does your family like to water ski?  If so you might have to purchase a boat that serves as a multi purpose boat.  A runabout that you can fish and ski out of is probably the best bet.
 Also look to see if the company that your are purchasing the boat from has been around for a long time.  You want a boat that has a good quality name behind it and you want something that will hold its value.
 Along with that you also want a good quality outboard motor.  In most circumstances when you buy your you have a choice of outboards.
 Of all of these factors to consider I would like to tell you that there is a company that has been around for over fifty years and it is Skeeter boat company.  What sets Skeeter uniquely apart from other boat builders is the understanding and use of technology.
 The research and engineering specialists have practically reinvented the process of boat design.  They apply the principles of aerodynamics, physics and 3-dimensional computer imaging to the design and construction of all our boats.  The result: the ultimate in performance vehicle on the water.
 Since the beginning Skeeter has lead the industry with breakthrough innovations.  Again this year they continue to set the standard by which other boats will be judged with exclusive features that improve performance, appearance and fishability.  These include their X-TREME and X-CEL composite construction that adds strength and durability to areas like hull, deck and transom.  The reverse draft transom that adds buoyancy and reduces backsplash.  The aerodynamically designed hull that enhances maneuverability and produces a smooth, dry ride.  In test after test, including a battery of tests in the Gulf of Mexico, Skeeter boats have proven to be some of the strongest, most durable boats on the market.
 Skeeter also is a member of the Yamaha family and with that combination a person has a good line of motors to choose from.  Just recently the Yamaha Outboard Motors 1999 F100 four-stroke outboard motor, was named by the Motor Boating & Sailing magazine's Innovation Award.
 This engine is ideal for a wide variety of boats and aimed at the segment of boats that is most popular.  These mid-sized fishing boats and runabouts can use the new innovative four-stroke design.  There's no need to mix the gas and oil together, thus eliminating exhaust oders and reducing hydrocarbon content to be compatible with environmental regulations.
 Yamaha's experience in four-stroke technology dates back 35 years, and Yamaha's engineers have drawn on this 35 years of experience to offer a line of outboards designed specifically for marine use.  The F100 features a microcomputer-controlled ignition coupled with a throttle position sensor to provide better response, timing control and engine protection without the use of a moving base plate under the flywheel.  All this translates into optimum engine performance and better fuel economy.
 When you are looking for a boat this winter look for a boat company that has a good reputation and has models that meet your needs.  These companies are great examples of what you should set your standards on.

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