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Ross Grothe
Mark Brumbaugh
Mark Martin
Randy Tyler
Check Out Below and see What Walleyes Inc. Promotional Team is all about

Our unique marketing methods promote our sponsors’ products in a professional manner unlike any seen in the industry today. The promotions themselves can be sized and priced to fit your needs from a single event to a full year... This unique form of sponsorship made available by the Walleyes Inc. Promotional Team will surely put money to your bottom line and give your services increased product and name recognition. We have put together a number of programs that will increase sales and give your company increased exposure from many different types of media. We understand what the industry needs to flourish. The complete team consists of Mark Martin, Mark Brumbaugh, Ross Grothe and Randy Tyler. Feel free to utilize one or all four of us.

First a little about Walleyes Inc... Randy Tyler started Walleyes Inc.com which is a nationally known internet fishing resource with over 50,000 unique visitors a year. Combine this in turn with unique working connections with In-Fisherman, the RCL, Midwest Outdoors and other outdoor industry connections along with developing and maintaining the following internet sites: www.walleyesinc.com , www.baitrigs.com, www.markmartins.net, www.markbrumbaugh.com, www.rossgrothe.com, www.americinnchamberlainsd.com, www.calibermm.com, www.didraceengineering.com, www.seriouswalleye.com, www.npaa.net ,www.hightechfishing.com and www.ohio-resources.com.

InnerVision Web Design Services is a Walleyes Inc. affiliate and has been in the business of providing web design needs with WalleyesInc., since 1998. With the emergence of WalleyesInc.COM heading to the forefront of walleye fishing information online and growing by leaps and bounds daily - it became evident that word was getting around in the fishing/hunting/outdoors industries in a hurry - that the internet and itself were a perfect marriage, when it came to getting the word out. InnerVison Now has the capabilities of complete Video Production services from start to finish all work is done in house. From a 30 second commercial to a 1 hour DVD Video Presentation we have the ability to perform quality services for your company at reasonable prices.

After many people noticed the exposure that Walleyes Inc.COM was providing for the walleye fishing industry; they would inquire to WalleyesInc. on how they too could be on the worldwide web. This led to Walleyes Inc. getting into the webdesign arena and after more and more requests came in for web development it was time for these services to become there own entity - INNERVISION WEB DESIGN. InnerVisionWD.com and WalleyesInc.com also cater to your graphic design, logo, flash graphics, video editting and presentation needs at a fraction of the cost of other web design and graphic developers.

Add this in with our willingness to work with our sponsors and advertisers to find innovative ways to promote there products and services and you will find the Walleyes Inc. Promotional Team an outstanding promotional opportunity.

We Can Promote Your Business in Many Ways

  • Seminars with Power Point and video demonstrations.
  • Complete Video Production to DVD, VHS, CD and More. We can create from start to finish anything from a one minute commercial to a 1 hour DVD Video Presentation for your business. We have all the equipment for filming editing and production. We can even convert for use on the internet.
  • Professionally Designed websites for your business
  • Special Sponsored boat and truck washes for charity.
  • Radio and T.V Show’s
  • Product Exhibition and Sales services at trade shows
  • Win a trip with a pro contest’s
  • Day or week long getaways for your clients
  • Outdoor writer and media events sponsored by local chamber of Commerce’s and the Walleyes Inc. promotional team
  • Kids casting contest’s
  • Product drawings and contest’s on our websites, we provide all graphics and information with no need to hire an outside ad agency. You also receive the demographics from these after the contest is over in a database form.
  • Your Product and service information shipped with every internet order and direct mailings.
  • Product information and demonstration to co-anglers at all pro am events, clubs, dealers and sale groups
  • Advertising on all our websites and product information in all our articles on the internet and the other magazines and newspapers we contribute to.
  • Direct html based e-mail promotions.
  • Logo display on our websites, trucks, boats and clothing. We only represent companies we believe in and never allow conflicting sponsors. Everywhere we go our trucks are the cleanest, our boats are the sharpest and our clothing and actions reflects what we do for a living
  • The entire Walleyes Inc team will be fishing in 2003 a mixture of RCL, and PWT events that will be televised nationally on ESPN, TNN and the Outdoor Living Network If you visit www.flwoutdoors.com or www.professionalwalleyetrail.com you can get an idea of the type of media coverage that we will be getting.

The Walleyes Inc. Promotional team consists of four very special people.
• 1990 PWT Champion Mark Martin
website www.markmartins.net
• 1995 PWT Champion Mark Brumbaugh
website www.markbrumbaugh.com
• Ross Grothe over 6 top ten finishes
Website www.rossgrothe.com kickoff 1/01/03
• 2000 PWT Fort Peck Winner Randy Tyler website www.walleyesinc.com and our media company of Inner Vision www.innervisionwd.com

The four of us will get you more exposure , sales and good press than 20 regular pro staff members or marketing department employee’s.

We know what to do, how to act and when to do it. It’s like having your own marketing consultants, field testers, salesman and pro staff all in one.

Here is just a small glimpse of the 2002 Demographics from the Promotions, Shows and Media exposure received by Walleyes Inc. Promotional Team members.

• The team fished 42 nationally televised Pro Am Walleye tournaments this year while placing in the top Ten over 12 times.
• Wrote or were featured in over 60 articles for such magazines as Midwest Outdoors, Walleye Insider, FLW Outdoors, In-Fisherman Magazine, Chicago Sun Times, Fishing Facts, Great Lakes Angler, Outdoor Life , D, Lake Erie Walleye, Detroit News, Bay City Outdoors, Bass and Walleye Boats magazine.
• Gave over 70 seminars in locations such as Bass Pro Shops Gurnee, Detroit and Springfield, Chicago Sport and Travel Show, Detroit Sport and Travel show, Minneapolis Sport Show, Madison sport Show, Milwaukee Sport show, Walleyes Unlimited, Lansing Sport Show
• Featured in 8 nationally televised T.V shows.
• Featured in over 20 radio shows across the county.
• Spent over 100 cumulative days working trade show booths.
• Arranged 2 outdoor writer events with local chamber of commerce’s which brought in over 35 outdoor writers, radio and T.V people from around the country.
• 10 days of win a trip with the pros contests for our sponsors.
• Help free drawings for over $5,000 worth of sponsors products on our websites and gathered demographics from entries
• 100+ E-mail campaigns to over 4,000 people each time regarding Web site updates, sponsor programs, promotions, tournament, and industry press releases.
• Approximately 20 articles written by one or more of the team members published on numerous websites.
• Managed and developed 7 outdoor related websites.
• Filmed on our own over 12 hours of video for our sponsors and to be used in 2002 seminars as PowerPoint and video demonstrations.

This translates to over 520,679,000 impressions between radio, T.V, magazine, newspaper and website and personal impressions between the four of us.

Please keep in mind that we are here to serve so if you have any additional ideas on ways to promote your products or services please give us a call and let us try to serve you.

Get in contact with us and you will find that we can set up a plan for you that will not only fit your budget but guaranteed to put something to the bottom line other than a pro staff debit.

Contact Walleyes Inc Promotional Team now

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