Subj: Reports for week of 3-30-03
Date: 3/30/03 3:41:27 PM Central Standard Time
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FISHING REPORTS for week of 3-30-03 follow, for the following Wisconsin areas:
Eagle River, St. Germain, Presque Isle, Rice Lake, Taylor County; Boulder
Junction, and Lake Namakagon.

-- Weekly Fishing Reports compiled and distributed by Naomi K. Shapiro,
Copyright © 2003, all rights reserved.  Intended for further dissemination
by those receiving them directly, as well as those given express written
permission for their further use, properly identifying each host area or
Chamber of Commerce.

-- For the reader:  Nothing in the following report should be construed,
nor any liability assumed, regarding the safety and well-being of the

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Reports across northern Wisconsin now say pretty much the
same thing:  The ice is simply too dangerous and ice angling season is
essentially over.  Yes, there are locals who know a particular lake and
continue to go out, BUT, those folks are few and far between.  As one guide
put it, "now is the time to get your warm-weather fishing gear and boat in
shape, and, if you must fish, do it from shore."  While early spring is
tempting because of the increasingly good fishing, wait until there's
ice-out, and then use your boat.  The fishing will still be very good, and
you'll be safe.  Please heed the advice of knowledgeable professionals and
stay off the ice!
Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, area lakes (VILAS COUNTY) - as of 3-30-03

(Head):  Boulder Junction will happily welcome anglers to its great fishing
as soon as there's ice-out.

On behalf of the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Jaci Pruit,
co-owner of Pap-Qua Resort on Trout Lake (715-356-5352) reports:

The ice in our area is simply unsafe.  I have not seen anyone go out on our
lake (Trout Lake) for over a week.  Lots of running water, eroding
shorelines, honeycombed ice, currents, cracks, and terribly thin areas make
going out a definite 'no-no.'

Come back and visit us in the Boulder Junction area as soon as there's
ice-out.  The fishing will be wonderful, and you'll be safe.

For more info about the Boulder Junction area:
*Boulder Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, Box 286CB, Boulder Junction, WI
54512; phone:  1-800-466-8759; 1-800-GO MUSKY; 715-385-2400; e-mail:; website:
*Bill Sherer, 'We Tie It,' Full Service Fly Shop and Northern Adventures
Guide Service, Box 516, Boulder Junction, WI 54512; phone:  715-385-0171;
website:;  e-mail:
*Duane Horstman, Licensed Guide, Box 798, Boulder Junction, WI 54512-0798;
phone:  715-385-0081
Eagle River, Wisconsin, area lakes (VILAS COUNTY) - as of 3-30-03

(Head):  Eagle River says: 'Come, visit, and enjoy our beautiful area. Fish
off a bank if you wish, but the ice is dangerous and too iffy to take a

On behalf of the Eagle River area Chamber of Commerce, George Langley,
President  of the
Eagle River Guides Association, reports:

There are people still going out on the ice, and, in all honesty, they're
doing real well for perch.  BUT, those people are locals who live on a
particular lake and know it like the back of their hand.

I would not recommend to anyone to go out on our area waters until ice is
out.  And that's not too far off.  You can toss a line from shore and get
some action, or get your boat-and-tackle ready, as early ice-out fishing is
absolutely fabulous.

We want you to come to Eagle River, but we want your visit to be positive,
fun, and safe for you and your loved ones. Be a little patient.  Be a LOT
safe, and don't venture out on the ice.

For more information about the Eagle River area:
*Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center: 1-800-359-6315;
715-479-6400; e-mail:; website:
*George Langley, Eagle River Fishing Guides Association, 715-479-8804.
*Yukon Jack Outfitters, 1857 Scattering Rice Lake Rd., Eagle River, WI
54521, 715-479-3219; website:

Presque Isle, Wisconsin, area lakes (VILAS COUNTY) -- as of 3-30-03

(Head):  Presque Isle, "Wisconsin's Last Wilderness" wants you to visit,
but urges you to stay off the ice.

On behalf of the Presque Isle Chamber of Commerce, here's what local
resident and avid angler, Wally Sherman, and Ms. Kim Bowler, co-owner of
Alpine Resort on Van Vliet Lake (715-686-2800) are reporting:

The Presque Isle Chamber of Commerce welcomes all of you to our beautiful
area, but urges you not to try to go out on the ice.  Shorelines are
eroding; there are lots of strong currents, snow cover, and honeycombing,
along with slush and standing water.

Indeed, our local snowmobile club has sent out a notice that all lakes are
unsafe, and no one should go out and ride on them.

Yes, the fishing is legendary up here, and it will STILL BE that good as
soon as there's ice-out, which is coming quickly.

Come up and visit us.  Toss a line from shore, if you'd like, and make sure
your boat is good-to-go as soon as the ice goes out, and as soon as it
happens, you'll get bang/bang action all over the Presque Isle area.

For fishing information about Presque Isle, Wisconsin:
*Wally Sherman, (715) 385-3264
For general information about Presque Isle, Wisconsin:
* Presque Isle Chamber of Commerce, Main St., Box 135, Presque Isle, WI
54557-9732; 888-835-6508; 715-686-2910; e-mail:;

Rice Lake, Wisconsin, area Lakes (BARRON COUNTY)-- as of 3-30-03

(Head):  Ice on the lakes  continues to deteriorate, and few, if any, are
risking going out on the ice, in the Rice Lake area.

On behalf of the Rice Lake Tourism Commission, area outdoor expert, Gary
Fankhauser of
J.C. Bear Paw Sporting Goods in Rice Lake, reports;

I would urge all visitors to stay off the ice in the Rice Lake area.  While
a few very savvy locals may go out on a particular lake that they've fished
for decades, others should not even think of attempting to test the ice.

Our  Rice Lake area lakes are in the throes of the spring melt, and while
we want all of you to make sure and visit us in our beautiful area, we want
to make sure your visit is both lots of fun, and especially, SAFE!  Don't
try going out.  And you're welcome to call me personally, if you wish.

As soon as there's ice-out, which is not far away now, the fishing will be
wonderful.  Be a little patient.  You can, of course, throw a line from
shore, and test your luck, but even better, it's a real good time to get
your warm weather fishing gear, tackle, and boat, ready, so that you'll be
able to enjoy the great fishing action that the Rice Lake area can, and
will, provide as soon as the lakes open up.

For more information about the Rice Lake area:
*Rice Lake Tourism & Retail Development Commission, 37 South Main St., Rice
Lake, Wis. 54868; phone: 800-523-6318; FAX: 715-234-2085; e-mail:; web:
* J.C. Bear Paw Company, 824 Bear Paw Ave., Rice Lake, WI 54868; Phone:
715-236-7300; e-mail:; Kurt Krueger, General Manager;
Gary Fankhauser, Fishing Dept. Manager; Aaron Havenor, Gun Dept. Manager.

St. Germain, Wisconsin, area lakes (VILAS/ONEIDA COUNTIES) - as of 3-30-03

(Head):  It's time to say bye-bye to ice fishing in the St. Germain area.

On behalf of the St. Germain Chamber of Commerce, area guide, Brian
Siekierzynski of St.
Germain Sport Marine reports:

I keep hearing how great the fishing is right now, and that may be true,
BUT, it will get even better in the coming short term, and that means, be a
little patient, and for sure, be safe -- not sorry!  Don't go out on the
ice in the St. Germain area.  You'll be taking too great a risk by doing
so.  Even if the ice looks safe in lake-center (and it often is!!), getting
there is the problem.  Shorelines are eroding.  The ice is real thin in
spots. There is a continuing increase in currents, slush, standing water,
and crevices.  Don't try it.  We do have areas from which you can throw a
line off of shore, and you can get fish that way.  But that's the ONLY way
you should fish.  Wait until ice-out, which is coming around the corner
soon now, and, as soon as that happens, St. Germain will welcome you with
open arms to some of the best spring open water fishing anywhere.

For more information about the St. Germain area:
*St. Germain Area Chamber of Commerce, 800-727-7203 or 715-477-2205.
Box 155, St. Germain, WI 54558.
e-mail:; Website:
*Fishing info: St. Germain Sport Marine (Tom Christensen), Del Zerbe, Jr.,
715-479-4930; Brian Siekierzynski, 715-479-4930 (all area guides).

Taylor County, Wisconsin, area lakes (TAYLOR COUNTY): - as of 3-30-03
Provided by Taylor County Tourism / Medford, Wisconsin

(Head):  While going out on the ice shouldn't be tried any longer, you can
still do pretty-well tossing a line from shore in the Taylor County area.

Taylor County Tourism reports the following on its county-wide waters, with
Fuzzy Ellenbecker of Fuzzy's General Store & Bait Shop reporting:

I have one word for anyone even thinking about going out on the ice in the
Taylor County area:  DON'T!!!  I won't go, and I wouldn't want anyone else
to go.

I know it's real tempting, because the fishing is picking up so well as we
move further into spring.  Having said that, remember, the fishing will be
EVEN BETTER as soon as there's ice-out.  So be patient!  Get your boat and
gear in shape, and, in a short time, you'll be fishing open water with some
great action.

Until then, I do have one suggestion for you die-hards:  You can do
pretty-well fish from shore in a couple of  Taylor County areas.  First --
try below the dam on the Miller Dam Flowage (also known as the Chequamegon
Waters).  Second -- fish the banks of our beautiful rivers.  They're
pretty-much open and provide some excellent action if you hit the right

'You are more than welcome to call me,' Fuzzy says, 'and I'll try put you
on to areas which may prove productive.  And as soon as there's ice-out,
you can expect some great fishing all over the Taylor County area.'

For more information about Taylor County Tourism:
*Taylor County Tourism, c/o Medford Area Chamber of Commerce, Box 231,
Medford, WI 54451; 888-682-9567; 715-748-4729; e-mail =;
website  =
*Gary ('Fuzzy') Ellenbecker, Fuzzy's General Store & Bait Shop; N 4369
County Hwy. E, Medford, WI 54451; 715-785-7977; e-mail =

Lake Namakagon, out of Lakewoods Resort (S. Bayfield County) -- as of 3-30-03

(Head):  The ice is not good in many areas on Lake Namakagon, and visitors
are urged not to try to go out on it.

On behalf of Lakewoods Resort & Conference Center, here's what area fishing
guru Al Rosenquist reports:

I urge you not to try and go out on the ice any longer.  Lake Namakagon is
getting too dangerous.  I am well aware, that, in lake-center, the ice may
be safe.  However, getting there is a real serious problem.  I personally
will not go out ice fishing any longer.  And I urge all visitors not to try
it.  Shorelines are eroding more and more each day.  There is a heavy snow
cover, slush, standing water, honeycombing, real thin areas, and currents.
Stay off the ice!

I am aware that the fishing itself is good -- real good.  But it will be
even better as soon as there's ice out, and that's going to be coming soon,
now.   And however good fishing may be right now, that is no reason to take
any risks with your safety.  You can toss a line if you fish from shore, or
you can, as I am doing, get your gear ready to go for the warm weather
season.  As soon as ice goes out on Lake Namakagon, the fishing is truly
spectacular -- and that's been true for as long as anyone can remember.

Come and explore our Chequamegon National Forest.  Watch the birds and all
the critters as they scurry about in the spring warmth, but whatever you
do, don't go out on the ice.

For fishing information on Lake Namakagon, and general information on
Resort & Convention Center:
*Address:  21540 Cty. Hwy. M, Cable, WI 54821
*Phone:  (715) 794-2561 or (800) 255-5937 (reservations only)
* Website:
*Fishing guide Dave Scanlon (Lakewoods Resort)  (715) 794-2561

End of report