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Fishing Reports from around the country 12-15-99

  • Gary Engberg Walleye fishing articlesGary Engberg Midwest Fishing Report The latest info on the Wisconsin River System
  • Bay Store and Resort  Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Oak Island Minnesota  Muskie, walleye, sauger, northern, pike, bass, fishing, hunting, resort and guide service
  • Walleye ExpressFishing the Saginaw Bay and Tittabawassee River From Essexville Michigan by Captain Dan Manyen
  • North Bay charters Walleye fishing with Captain Tom Arlington

  • Lake Erie and lake St Claire charters and fishing report by Captain Tom Arlington
  •  Judds fishing resort on Lake WinibigoshFishing Report from Captain Ron Hunter from Lake Winibigosh Minnesota
  • Captain Ken Hockensmith The Anglers Advantage Reports from Lake Erie Fishing Report
  • Capt. Mike Veine Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report


    PHONE: 218.547.3212
    FAX: 218.547.4080
    EMAIL: advnorth@djam.com

    December 12,1999

    Anglers are enjoying the mild temperatures and some good panfishing on area small lakes. Most lakes less than 1000 acres are covered with ice and most are walkable. It is reported that most lakes of this size have 3-5" of ice. Cooler weather is expected this next week therefore anglers should be able to get to their favorite small lake. Leech lake does have some ice in bays in fact Steamboat bay has 5-6 " of ice and Northern Pike fishing has been great with both a 13 LB and 15.8 LB fish reported this past weekend. The big lake of Leech and Walker Bay are still open.
    As always proceed with caution on unfamiliar ice.

    Good Luck, and enjoy the outdoors.

    Leech Lake Guide Coalition Chip Leer

    EMAIL: advnorth@djam.com

    November 29, 1999

    There is some ice forming and holding on smaller area ponds and lakes. It looks as if it may hold this time. Leech Lake, as of this report has some slush floating around the lake and some skim ice in the backs of some bays. Hopefully, we will see this all firm-up soon and Ice Fishing will be just around the corner.
    The Waterfowl season ended with some Goldeneye's on Leech Lake however it seems the main flight missed us completely this year. The Chamber is discussing the opportunity to post signs in southern Canada to re-direct the migration to Leech Lake next year. Obviously this years birds were misguided.
    Sunnier days have proven successful for the Grouse hunters. The birds have covied so multiple flushes are again common. Give Grouse another try before the snow flies.
    Good Luck, and enjoy the outdoors.
    Leech Lake Guide Coalition

    November 22, 1999

    Waterfowl numbers are still low in this area even though a few birds moved in this past weekend. Again, mostly Goldeneye's very few Bills. So hunters can still get some action in before the season closes yet it seems unsure as if a large wave of birds will ever show up. The small area ponds have had some very thin ice crust on them the last few mornings which has helped the big lake hunting, as some birds that were hiding back there have now moved to bigger water. This could be the reason some hunters reported an influx of Mallards this past week. Us optimistic waterfowl hunters will be out until the end!
    As Deer season has now closed it appears all surrounding communities are reporting that numbers are up. A very good season for Deer Hunters.
    Grouse hunters have been back in the woods now that big game season is over and report good numbers of flushing birds. The birds have seem to covey up a bit with many reports of multiple flushes.
    Few if any anglers have taken advantage of the late open water fishing, at last report fish were a bit sluggish for all species with best reports coming from Muskie Fisherman trolling Mania Tackle's "Jake" crankbaits.

    Good Luck, and enjoy the outdoors.

    Leech Lake Guide Coalition

    November 15th
    Deer hunters continue to have good success this season. All the "Big Game Registration stations" are reporting that numbers of deer registered are up. This past week has seen a share of good size bucks registered. The rut activity in the woods is high, and hunters are enjoying the increased numbers combined with the unseasonably warm weather.
    There are not many fishing reports as very few anglers have taken advantage of the weather. It does appear that walleye activity is strongest in the twilight hours off breaklines into the main basin of leech. Look in the depths of 12-17' using a Fire-Ball jig and a minnow. Slow presentations, almost stationary on the bottom producing. If this weather continues to stay above normal, look for numbers of anglers to get the boats back out and give open water angling one more try.
    Waterfowl numbers are not at pace with previous years. There was a surge of divers, both Bluebills and Goldeneyes, that came through the region the first part of November yet it appears the main thrust of the migration has not got here yet. Maybe a weather front from the north would help bring in some new birds.
    Good Luck, and enjoy the outdoors.

    Leech Lake Guide Coalition  Chip Leer

Mississippi River Report
James Holst
Moving Waters Guide Service

Fantastic fishing ahead!

With the on-set of some cooler weather anglers are seeing a much more consistent bite at the Lock & Dam north of Red Wing. Most are able to catch enough fish for a limit with the majority of the walleyes taken coming in around 16"-19".
Some bigger fish in the 4-5 LB range showed up over the weekend but the best "big-fish" bite is a couple weekends away yet. Top techniques have been a jig tipped with the biggest fatheads you can get your hands on or crawlers pulled against the current on 3-ways.

The crowds have diminished considerably after the holiday
weekend so you can expect a little more elbow room than in weeks past. Some
of the staging areas are seeing a strong run of fish also.

 The rocks just downstream from the launch at Bay Point Park, the sand flat down from Hay Creek, and the shoreline south of Baldwin Is. all are experiencing a strong run of fish as the walleye and sauger make their way north to the Lock & Dam.

Some of the strongest catches from these areas are coming on crankbaits fished on 3-way rigs pulled slowly into the current or on 3/8 ounce jig/minnow.  Best colors have been orange and purple in the last week.

Crawlers still are producing some very good catches in addition to those taken on fatheads.  As the water continues to cool look for the crawler bite to fade away but for the present don't hit the river without a healthy supply of both.

River stage in Lake City- 6.2 Water temp.- 42 degrees

     Bay Store and Resort Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Oak Island Minnesota
    It's time to scrape the rust off the keyboard, and resume the old Fishing Report. Unfortunately, it's actually an Ice Report. As of this writing, we have a measured 3 1/2 inches of ice in the bays surrounding Oak Island. That's the good news. The bad news is that I can still see (from our window) a substantial amount of open water  extending from Butterfield point, west to Flag Island. You can see an actual, almost live, photo on Jim Dingle's "Flag Island Web Cam"; http://www.yahooey.com/new2/webcam.htm



    We have a dusting of snow, mostly on the ice, and about 75% coverage on the land. The U.P.S. man made a delivery yesterday, and his puddle jumper broke through the ice
    until he got to within 100 yards of shore. Not ready yet!

    The really good news is the weather forecast. Below zero temperatures are forecast for Thursday on. This should but the ice to bed until April. Our tentative plans are to
    mark the trail from Oak Island to Young's Bay next Sunday. We do not have any plans to fish before the Christmas holiday. All indications are everything's a go for this time. If any one is looking for specific information, please e-mail me at;
    Frank Walsh e-mail baystore@means.net
    As a side note. anyone that received a message from us regarding the
    musky school, and could not open
    the file, contact me, and I will get the information to you.

  • Bay Store and Resort

  • Muskie, walleye, sauger, northern, pike, bass, fishing, hunting, resort and guide service Lake of The Woods Oak Island Minnesota

    In politically correct terms, the obese challenged female person  may not be singing, but she sure as hell is warming up her voice. We have had our last guest for the season just leave, and as it stands now, the only one left to fish are ourselves. The water temperatures are still in

    the low 40's, so we should get a few weeks more out of it. We'll just have to squeak a few trips in-between getting ready for ice fishing season.
    As most of you should know by now, the border conflict between Ontario and Minnesota appears solved. You can read about it in the MNR's press release;      http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/MNR/    Thank God!

    Walleye fishing has been of fire. We have been getting limits in short fashion fishing the deep points off Oak Island. Muskie fishing continues well. Our efforts have been greatly reduced due to increased duck hunting activity. We caught fish most every (short) trip out last week.
    Since all we have done for the past two weeks is troll Jakes, this is what's been working best. Why mess with a good thing. Tennessee Shad has still been the hot one for us.

    As to duck hunting, the small number of bluebills that we have had here have all but left. We have been shooting limits of buffelheads most every day, but the larger ducks have eluded us. I'm not sure if they have bypassed us this year, or are still up north. With 45 mph winds out
    of the north today, tomorrow will tell the tale.

    I would like to thank everyone for tolerating my ramblings over the season. If you find yourself with nothing to do, shoot me an e-mail baystore@means.net just to keep my blood flowing. I wish everyone a
    great winter, and can't wait to start up again next year.

    Frank Walsh e-mail baystore@means.net

  • Bay Store and Resort

  • Muskie, walleye, sauger, northern, pike, bass, fishing, hunting, resort and guide service Lake of The Woods Oak Island Minnesota

    This week is virtually a ditto of last week. Extremely high winds havecurtailed most all activities the last few days. Walleye, crappie, and perch fishing continue to be excellent. Musky fishing has been very good, as you also see by the other MHM posts. We have seen a number of fish this week trolling Jakes and straight bodied Depth Raiders. Tennessee Shad continues by far best for me. I spoke with one gentleman I encountered fishing the Big Narrows area that had caught a number of fish over his two week stay. He had eleven over 40 inches, and one or two into the 50 inch range. All trolling chartreuse or fire tiger Crisco

    Kids. We had another group of eight that boated 30 fish for the week. The largest being 34 pounds. I'm not sure of the length. They got the majority of their fish casting, with a few trolling as well.
    Duck hunting continues mixed. Minnesota diver hunting has been excellent with limits being taken most every day. Pressure for the coveted spots has been a problem. We have not stumbled over significant diver activity in the Canadian waters, although I have seen a number of ducks in the Windigo area while fishing. Last night I encountered quite a number of
    ringbills in the back beaver ponds. The high winds probably drove them there.

    Frank Walsh e-mail baystore@means.net

  • Bay Store and Resort

  • Muskie, walleye, sauger, northern, pike, bass, fishing, hunting, resort and guide service Lake of The Woods Oak Island Minnesota

    Walleye fishing was phenomenal this week. Jigging deep points and rock ledges with a minnow produced continuous action. One party I had out not  only had doubles and triples on, but one time I counted eight of the nine rods bent over. Jumbo perch and crappies also continue very well, with the perch action almost to the crazy level. The group of nine

    fisherman went through over a gallon of minnows in three days, fishing only half days.
    Musky action has been good. Most of the fish are being caught trolling (crunching rocks)  with 10" Jakes in 10 to 25 feet of water. Most color patterns have been working, but the Orange Tiger, and Glitter Perch colors have by far out produced the rest. Last night we smacked  42 and 47 inch fish using the Glitter Perch, as well as three big northerns up to 40 inches. Water temperatures continue to fall slowly just below the 50 degree mark. I have found temperatures as low as 46, and also climbing back to 50 degrees with a high sun. A few fish have also been caught (or raised) casting select pieces of structure. These are mostly rock points, that still have fairly healthy weeds on them. Crankbaits have produced best. Jerk baits have not had much activity. Bloom for the most part is no longer a problem.
    Duck hunting is a mixed bag. Puddle duck hunting in the Canadian side has been slow. There is a fair number of ducks around, but hunting pressure has made them skittish. Diver hunting on the Minnesota side has been phenomenal. Large numbers of divers are rafted between Flag Island, and the mainland. We have shot limits of divers most every hunt. The ducks are predominantly buffelheads, with a few goldeneyes mixed in. We are seeing a fair number of bluebills as well, but they are flying later in the morning, after we are almost filled out with buffelheads.
    Frank Walsh e-mail baystore@means.net
  • Bay Store and Resort

  • Muskie, walleye, sauger, northern, pike, bass, fishing, hunting, resort and guide service Lake of The Woods Oak Island Minnesota

Dan Manyen Walleye Express
Fishing the Saginaw Bay and Tittabawassee River From Essexville Michigan by Captain Dan Manyen Visit Dans Website    Walleye Express

Capt: Dan Manyen, Walleye Express Charters. 
Captain Dan Manyen of Walleye Express with a fine walleye
Recent Tittabawasse River Report.

November 29, 1999
Good reports of big catches of walleye continues to come from the Saginaw River. Jigs are catching the most fish while vertical jigging and slipping the current, in or near the river channel in both Bay City and Saginaw. Hot spots are behind the Temple Theater and near Holly's Landing, in Saginaw. And near the Vets Bridge and Boys Club in Bay City. I recently stopped at the Vets Bridge launch and talked to 2 guys fishing from shore who had 5 very nice walleye in a 6 gallon pail while fishing perch rigs with minnows. They also had some nice perch in the pail as well. Two recent charters of mine on the Tittabawassee 11-27-99/11-28-99 produced a total of 18 walleyes landed up to 5 pounds and as many missed. If your looking for a charter, you might want to consider booking me and my Jet Boat for a day of river fishing. You can find my web site right here at this walleye fishing domain. Keep checking back for further river reports.  Capt: Dan Manyen, Walleye Express Fishing Charters.

Date: 11/22/99

If you got plans to be up in the deer woods for the next 2 weeks good luck. But if you  want to bend a rod on some walleye, get over on the Saginaw or Tittabawassee Rivers now. I will not tell you that I personally have been killing them on the Saginaw, that's only what I've heard. But, I have been doing very good on the Tittabawassee. On my charter today (11-12-99) we boated 10 walleye, 1 pike and a smallmouth. The walleye were up to 4 pounds. I have to say that the Tittabawassee is dangerously low, especially in the mornings before the Sanford Dam opens it's one wheel. Then the river may rise about a foot. The water is crystal clear, yet we caught fish in as little as 5 feet of water today, so they seem hungry enough. If your interested in a charter in my jet-sled, when water depth don't make a difference, give me a call or e-mail me. Lets catch some walleye, Capt: Dan Manyen.

It's been quite a while since my last report. This is not because I've gotten lazy. The  fall walleye fishing on Saginaw Bay proper, is historically the poorest time of the year to connect. Unlike Lake Erie, which has a great fall walleye fishery, this is the transition period when the walleye get a case of lock on the Saginaw Bay. I have recieved reports that the night-bite is so-so off the Hoyles Marina, trolling big #18 Rapala's. This loc-jaw attitude changes though when they start running the rivers which dump into the Bay. The Saginaw, during this time of year supplies 90% of all the Master Angler walleye turned in every year in Michigan, is the first to get hot. Look for the vertical jigging bite to start in mid-to-late October in the river channel, between the Boy's Club and Vet's Park in Bay City. Next, the humps just off the channel near the Wirt Stone Docks, virtually underneath the Zillwauakee Bridge gave up some tremendous catches last season. I don't see why it would not do the same this year. Other spots include the Granary and the small island near the old GM Nodular Iron Plant. The weather will be the main determining factor as to when the walleye move up into the Tittabawassee River. With the extra low water condition this season, this may hold things back a bit. But we've had some good rains so far this fall and the cooler weather has moved a good supply of shad and alewives into the river system. I'll be running some river charters soon on the Tittabawassee, so I'll try and keep everybody posted. Historically, by late November there are fishible numbers of walleye in all the river systems. Keep checking back, or look to my web pages for river fishing info. Remember, fishing is not life or death, it's much more important than that. Tight Lines, Capt: Dan Manyen, Walleye Express Charters. 
Before I leave for a week on the Pere Marquette River for King Salmon, I thought I'd give everybody the recent skinny about the Saginaw Bay.  As my last report alluded to, the Bay bite was tough until last Saturday the 21st. Some stable weather moved in, and even though it was from the NE, I took 6 very nice walleye out in front of Sunset Bay Marina in 16 1/2 feet of water. The following day we took 10 on a SW wind. So things are looking up a little for the Month of September. The perch bite has never been better in the last 3 years as it is right now on the Bay. 17 to 23 feet of water is producing perch up to 13 inches in many places on the Bay. Both big walleye and perch are coming at regular intervals near the Spark Plug at the end of the shipping channel. With any luck, September may actually be a better month on the Bay than August was. I'll be booking walleye trips all through September, until I hit the rivers this fall, keep checking back, Capt: Dan Manyen, Walleye Express Charters. 

North Bay charters Walleye fishing with Captain Tom Arlington
Lake Erie and lake St Claire charters by Captain Tom Arlington
REPORT 9/25/99
The weather and the fishing have been cooperative this week.  Nice size Perch are biting early in the morning between Belle River and  the St Clair Lighthouse. Use shiner minnows for the best results.  In the same location a few walleyes and smallmouth bass are caught as well.  Muskie fishing is heating up on  Canada's south shore. The limiting factors fishing for Muskie are the floating weeds.
Find an area that is free of floating debris with bait fish nearby and BINGO! You will catch fish.  Study your graph and current position on Loran or G.P.S. when you get a strike and observe the fish marks on your graph.  If the marks are high in the profile, higher than 50% the water depth, feeding activity is optimum. For a good reference on fall Muskie fishing pick-up the latest issue of Michigan Hunting and Fishing magazine.  A informative article written by Mike Zielenski this month explains in detail St. Clair fall Muskie fishing.  Good Luck! 

Capt. Mike Veine
Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters

Lake Erie Walleye

Dear Anglers:

With summer nearing its end, Michigan's warm weather fishing action is edging closer to a turning point.  Even though my charter fishing season is over for the year, hot salmon action still seems to be ruling the Michigan fishing scene with both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron still putting on one exceptional fishery.  I managed a trip to Rogers City last week and was lucky to have fished during outstanding weather conditions.  We caught limits of kings on all outings, but the fish ran a bit small.  We were at Rogers City just after the 40 pound king was caught, but our largest salmon was under 20 pounds.  Judging from the other fish coming into the fish cleaning station, our fish were typical with most running 10 to 15 pounds.  We had our best success using spoons with Green/Dalphin and Green/glow Silverstreaks and Diamond Fluter spoons getting the most fish.  We also ran some dodger/squids and j-plugs with some success.  It seemed like the sliders in the vicinity of the dodgers were the hottest baits.  When we lowered the dodgers below the other baits, our hits dried up.  We caught most of our fish early in the morning (before sunup) and our best area was north of the lighthouse and straight out from the Calcite plant in 75'-110' of water.  Free sliders with the primary set at 60' was our best set; especially with a dodger/squid set at 45' which I'm sure attracted the fish to the spoons.

The salmon fishing along the Gold Coast on Lake Michigan continues to produce unbelievable results.  Manistee and Ludington are the top destinations with master angler kings and cohos coming on a regular basis.  More browns and steelhead are showing up in the catch which is a sure sign that the salmon action is nearing its end for the year on the lake.

On our U.P. tour last week, we made the long run out to Stanard Rock for some outstanding lake trout action.  Last year we launched at Marquette to fish Stanard Rock, but this year we cut the trips distance from 45 miles down to 34 miles each way by heading out from Big Bay.  Big Bay is the best place to access Stanard Rock as the shoreline vistas are worth the trip alone.  With picturesque cliffs, rocky outcroppings and the Huron Mountains in the background, the port of Big Bay is a sightseers delight.  We made the trip to "the Rock" on nearly calm water and with my Optimax quickly pushing us along, my Lund Baron made the trip in just 40 minutes.  We started out jigging which is the preferred method on the 5 mile long reef.  The water was so calm that we experience limited success jigging, so after an hour or so we started trolling using riggers and spoons.  We quickly found an active school of lakers and for several hours we couldn't even keep our lines in the water.  We caught and released more than our share of fish with several of the lakers exceeding the 15 pound range.  We even managed to snag a 15 lbs. Mackinaw by the dorsal fin which took me over an hour to haul in and release.  We fished for lakers from several different ports along Lake Superior and it seemed like where ever we fished we caught lots of fish.  We even caught some salmon and steelhead while lake trout fishing much to the surprise of some of my local friends.  Besides salmon and trout, we also targeted pike, walleye and smallmouths on several different waters.  We caught some impressive smallies and pike and walleye filet graced our frying pan on several different occasions.  On the way back home, we stopped at Gladstone to watch the weigh-in of the Master Walleye tournament on Little Bay De Noc.  As usual, most of the top teams fished the open waters north of Little Bay De Noc with the are between Cedar River and Ford River yielding the winning catch.  Spinner/crawler rigs fished either suspended or using bottom bouncers were the hot ticket.  I watched the DNR ticket several tournament pros at the event for breaking the slot limit laws.  You are only allowed to keep one walleye over 23" per day and despite the catch and release format of the tournament, the rules was strictly enforced.  I am planning a trip to Little Bay De Noc later this week for some walleye action which should be peaking over the next month.

The perch fishing on Saginaw Bay is still hopping with the perching being the best in recent years.  Limit catches of decent sized fish are the rule with nearly all the waters of the bat producing outstanding action.

Until Later,

Capt. Mike Veine

LAKE ERIE FISHING REPORT from Captain Ken Hockensmith of The Anglers Advantage

The weather has been mild for the last week and the Walleye bite is pretty good around the reefs in the Western basin, Bass Islands, Catawba and Marblehead.(contact Camp Perry range master on vhf channel 16 for firing range schedules, consult charts and use extreme caution navigating these areas some of these reefs lay just below the surface with current low water conditions) Anglers are catching fish on jigs & jigging spoons silver,gold, pink,white & chartreuse tipped with shiners also try blade baits & lipless cranks vertically jigged.(trick) tip your blades & cranks with shiners, it works! water temp 38f,  Air temps forecasted to warm into the 60's this week will surely bring out the anglers and warm up the fishing as well.  Anchor off the reef areas and use vertical presentations,for small boat anglers use your bow mounts & electronics to locate and hold over pockets of active fish and then have some fun. Don't forget the camera for that trophy Walleye. Practice catch and release, Those big females play and important roll in reproduction and really dont taste that good. For info on lodging and accommodations to the Walleye & Smallmouth Capital of the World, Ottawa county visitors bureau visit www.lakeerie.com
Let's Go Fishing
Captain Ken Hockensmith
The Anglers Advantage
toll free
1-888-WE DO FISH 

Well it has been a tough start on the fishing season here on Lake Erie, Nor Easter after Nor Easter.
But the water is starting to warm up so is the fishing. With this weeks forecast in the 70's. By the weekend action should be pretty good.
I still have some dates open in June & July. call today to book a trip some of the best fishing in years as predicted by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Don't wait get in on the action, book now!
I have just received a  trip cancellation for the Memorial day weekend. Give me a call for a deal! also July 3rd, 4th,& 5th has not  been booked and is open book one day or all three save $ on these holiday trips.
Smallmouth Bass in Canadian waters in August, with Smallmouths taking off in September & October around the reefs in the western basin.
           ( 933-6347 ) 

Midwest Fishing Report
Gary Engberg Walleye fishing guide and tournament proGary Engberg

Date August 1st 1999
The Outdoor report
See you on the water Gary  Engberg Outdoors Mazomanie Wisconsin 608-795-4208 for fishing and guiding information or e-mail gengberg@up2me.com

The Outdoor report  08-01-99

Madison Chain of Lakes
Site of Professional Walleye Trail Championship, September 9 -11, 1999

Lake Mendota
The biggest lake (10,000 acres) of the chain has been producing some walleyes at night long lining Shad Raps around structure. Fish also are being caught in the lush weed beds finesse fishing a  Bait Rigs Weedmaster jig.  Slip bobbers outside the weed lines (12-18 feet) are also producing, but few fish make the 10" minimum size length

Big jigs and 4 or 5 inch plastic tails are getting the best fish now, working the deep breaks off Governors Island, you can mark these fish anywhere from 25-40 feet down.  These are probably the fish tournament anglers will target.  Other deep water structure areas include Picnic Point, Second Point, And Dunn's Bar.  I believe someone will find a way to catch Mendota's big walleyes.

Lake Wabesa
the third lake in the "chain."  Wabesa is another lake with a definite "weed bite".  Slip bobbers and leeches are working.  The best fish (3-4 pounds) are being caught off Rockford Heights on the steep break 18-24 feet down.  In all blades and crawlers seem best.  You can also rig these fish.  Wabesa may be a numbers lake, but you still can pop a big fish too!

Wisconsin River
Sauk Prairie to Spring Green, the water in the river is very high for this time of year.  Though one can find walleyes in flooded backwater sand wood, the most consistent catches are being made on the rock bars and transition areas which go from sand to rock.

Long line crankbaits like the Mann"s Stretch 5, #5 Walleye Divers, Storm Fishing Lures #5 /shad Raps, and smaller Storm Fishing Lures Hot-N-Tots are all working.  You want to be bouncing the crank off the bottom to produce hits.  Crayfish, fire-tiger, blue/chrome, black/chrome are all working.  Fish are running from 14-18 inches, but there's plenty of them.

For More River and Wisconsin Fishing information try these numbers tell them  Gary Engberg from Walleyes INC sent you

Prairie Du Sac Wisconsin

  • Ace hardware and Bait 608-643-2433
Wisconsin Dells
  • Big Dave Erhardt 608-253-6395
Castle Rock
  • Bobs Bait and Tackle 608-339-7866
  • Freemans Bait 715-886-3541
  • Guide Bernie Ksonik 715-887-4274
Genoa Wisconsin
  • 608-689-2567
Dubuque Iowa
    Bait Shack 319-582-9895

BOX 429,  PORT DOVER, ONTARIO, N0A 1N0 TELEPHONE :  519 -583-1344         FAX :  519- 583-1547      E-MAIL:sztraml@gov.on.ca

The LAKE ERIE FISHING REPORT and ANGLER DIARY PROGRAMME are possible because of the Support of the following BUSINESSES:

 Bags Smallmouth Bass Charters
Colchester 519-738-1133

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St Williams   519-586-3961

Fly-In Angling  Adventures
Port Colborne   905-835-2547

 Gobles  Gun  &   Tackle
Aylmer 519-765-1842

Lambeth  Rod  &  Tackle Ltd
London     519-652-5598

Norm  Noras  Outdoor Sportsman
London  519-685-6334

Nicholls   Marine
Fort Erie     905-871-1965

Port Maitland   Marina
Dunnville     905-774-7500
Prime  Time  Charters
Erieau     519-354-2807

Proctors    Marine
Simcoe     519-426-0653

Pro Bass Guide,   Fritz   Beck
Long Point    519-586-2204

Riverside   Marina
Dunnville    905-774-3199

Ron   Bradfield
Port Burwell   519-874-4313

Rotten Ronnies  Pro Tackle&Bait
Long Point    519-586-7990

Sea  Hawk  Charters
Port Stanley   519- 461-1968

Stan's  Live  Bait
Dunnville    905-774-5471

Sugar  Loaf  Harbour
Port Colborne      905-835-6644

Wells   Marine

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