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Tournament results for April 09, 2000
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United States Fishing Association Team Walleye

Team Walleye Schedules and Results Updated: 9/5/00 
Fish team USFA's Team Illinois Walleye Circuit

To Contact United States Fishing Association
PO Box 118228
Carrollton, Tx  75011-8228 phone: 214-731-8476 fax: 214-731-8528
General Information: Info@usfateamwalleye.com 
Website www.usfateamwalleye.com
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  • Illinois contact information
  • Illinois 2000 Schedule and results
  • Illinos 2001 Schedule and results
  • Illinois 2000 top ten points finishers
  • Press Release for April 09, 2000
  • Illinois Team Walleye results for April 09, 2000

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    Illinois Contact Information
    State Contact information
    Illinois Bob Kidd

    On Sunday April 9, 2000 50 teams from the United States Fishing Association converged on this city of Spring Valley for the Illinois Division of Team Walleye. Teams were represented from Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois to earn points for qualification into the National Championship in September on Devils Lake, North Dakota. The team of Walleye Neumann (from Joliet) and Mike Herz Morris outpaced the field with a five fish limit of saugers weighing 15 pounds and 2 ounces. Wally and Mike were using the old true tested jig and minnow combination downstream from the launch site.  Placing second was the brother team of Gary and Brucd Merkel (from Spring Valley) with a five fish limit totalling 14 pounds and 15.5 ounces. Coming in third with a five fish limit was Andy Pogrzelski and Lance Litvak (from Orland Park) with 13 pounds and 10 ounces. Rounding out the top five was Guy Lopez and Paul Kimock with 13 pounds and 9.5 ounces in fourth and Steve Lotz with partner Dave Daughhenbaugh (from Lena) with 11 pounds and 9.5 ounces. Steve and Dave also had big fish of the tournament with a 3 pound 11.5 ounce sauger. During the tournament a total of 145 fish were caught weighing 270 pounds. The Illinois State hatchery personnel gathered all the fish for the rearing ponds. There they will be maintained and spawned out for release back into the river system. All of the fish were gathered alive.
    The next tournament will be the two day State Championship in East Dubuque on May 20-21.  If you need any information please contact Bob Kidd at (309) 527-6328, or email at Walleye@elpaso.net

    Illinois Team walleye results for April 09, 2000
    1st Place Baracani, Rory Culjan, Dominic 400
    2nd Place Meravy, Mark Zurawski, Dave 399
    3rd Place Litviak, Lance Pogrzelski, Andy 398
    4th Place Tipping, Jerry Tipping, Kay 397
    5th Place 
    Miller, Joseph Taylor, Rick 396
    6th Place Lotz, Steve Daughenbaugh,David 395
    7th Place Ernat, Brian Ernat, Jerry 394
    8th Place Hunter, Steve Farrell, Donald 393
    8th Place Tatera, Mike Howell, Tom 393
    10th Place Deszcz, peter Farrar, Dave 391
    11th Place Traver III, Fred Fritzinger, 390
    12th Place Miller, Daryl Lipinski, John 389
    13th Place Molzof, John Rudd, Steven 388
    14th Place Actis, Mike Stuckert, Mike 387
    15th Place Dalzot Jr., John Dalzot, Gary 386
    16th Place Horneman, Tim Gibson, Mike 385
    17th Place Campbell, Kevin Campbell, John 384
    18th Place Schneider, Jim Tyler, Randy 383
    19th Place Nelson, Troy Hastings, Scott 382
    20th Place Bazydlo, John Bogatitus, John 381
    21st Place Ballin, Steve Machnik, Dan 380
    22nd Place Mucha, Edward Pieper, Dennis 379
    23rd Place Gemmell, Thomas Kwak, Dan 378
    23rd Place Merkel, Gary Merkel, Bruce 378
    25th Place
    Menees, Bill Talley, Bob
    26th Place Parrott, Rick Parrott, Joby 375
    27th Place
    Pfeifer, Chuck Pfeifer, Larry 374
    28th Place Destri, Gary Dowell, Randy 373
    29th Place
    Hawley, Jamie Uliks, Robert 372
    30th Place Grapenthiew, Dan   371
    31st Place
    Actis, Mark Hoster, Doug 370
    32nd Place Skupien, Steve Neumann, Walter 369
    33rd Place
    Vla, Alexander Vla, Dunja 368
    34th Place Tonelli, Ken Balzarine 367
    35th Place
    Seeley, ken Schneeberger 366
    35th Place Wenskunas, John Liles, John 366
    37th Place
    Brake, Ron Fore, Jeff 364
    38th Place Pyle, Glen Tartol, Jeff 363
    39th Place
    Devenport, E. Jim Devenport, 362
    40th Place Frereicks, Daniel Rachowicz, 361
    41st Place
    Plautz, Dan Plautz, Greg 360
    42nd Place Trzesniak, Leo Rutkowski, 359
    43rd Place
    Moulton, Tom Zillges, Mark 358
    44th Place Tregoing, Troy Perez, Roy 357
    45th Place
    Huizenga, Dennis Huizenga, Chad 356
    46th Place Zurawski, Jeff Zurawski, Leigh 355
    47th Place
    Phillips, John Struna, Joe 354
    48th Place Walsh, William Cutright, Ron 353
    49th Place
    Martin, Ed Kalue, Andy 352
    50th Place
    Janoske, John Robson,
    51st Place
    Apple, Robert Nowak, Ray
    52nd Place
    Koplin, Ted Wheaton, Dan
    53rd Place
    Fisher, Joseph York, Rodney
    54th Place
    Balla, John Byrne, Kevin
    55th Place
    Butts, Eddie Camplin, Ed
    55th Place
    Goldsworthy, Alan Palmeri, Randy
    57th Place
    Bennington, Dick Bennington,
    58th Place
    Hatcher, Eric Clemmons, Chris
    59th Place
    Mathews, Ted Sandor, Steve
    60th Place
    Hauser, Dan Ping, Thomas
    61st Place
    Cherry, John Shipley, Ronald
    62nd Place
    Walsh, Jay Mettille, Matt
    63rd Place
    Gahn, Eric Smiley, Roger
    64th Place
    Broglin, James Smith, Richard
    65th Place
    Duncan, Scott Rizzo, Vince
    66th Place
    Peterson, Ryan Bruley, Mark
    67th Place
    Degraaf, Ronald Szabo, Steven
    68th Place
    Lopez, Guy Dimock, Paul
    69th Place
    Deets, Kelly Diedrich, Eric
    69th Place
    Smithberger, Stephen Hudgens, Robert
    71st  Place
    Rodway, Raymond Rodway, Darren
    72nd Place
    Stephen, Dennis Lobermeier,
    73rd Place
    Harrod, James Montagano,
    73rd Place
    Sandor, Adam Mathews, Paul
    75th Place
    Crites, Mark Fullhart, Todd
    76th Place
    Major, Charles Major, Brenda
    77th Place
    Lamon, David Guasta, Donald
    78th Place
    Barry, Greg  
    79th Place
    Pelkey, Gary Pelkey,
    80th Place
    Read, Sue Read, Paul
    81st Place
    Neuman, Jack Caldwell, Trent
      Abrahams, Michael Pinte, Gary
      Elder, Bill Herrera, Smiley
      Jakubiak, Lenny Hewelt, Ken
      Lind, Bruce Griffin, Phillip

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