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Walleyes Inc. now Presenting  the Infamous Precision Trolling book the original Troller's bible brought to you at these great prices only through Walleyes Inc.  Your one stop internet fishing resource.   


You asked for it, you got it. Precision Angling, the folks who produce the Precision Trolling, depth guides are proud to announce that their popular Troller's Bible will take on a whole new look and feel for 2008.

Precision trolling book pro edition

  • Waterproof and easily updated, the Pro Edition of Precision Trolling is a fishing guide virtually every serious angler will want. The manufacturers suggested retail price of the Pro Edition is $49.95. Walleyes Inc. Price of $47.95 The price on supplements is yet to be determined.
  • Our customers over the years have asked us for two improvements to the Precision Trolling guides, says Precision Angler owner Mark Romanack. First they use our books in the boat and want them to be waterproof. Secondly, our customers want a book that can be easily added to as more data becomes available.

    The new Precision Trolling Pro Edition solves these issues and takes the process of precision trolling to a new level. New in 2008 the Pro Edition will be printed on a synthetic waterproof material that's similar to that used in fishing maps, says Romanack. This new stock is waterproof, durable and able to withstand years of hard use.

    Each Pro Edition will be hole punched in the corner and shipped with a carabiner to keep the pages organized. As we test new lures, we'll offer periodic supplements to the Pro Edition that can be easily added as the angler chooses. Each supplement will contain an assortment of new and popular lures and released once a year. This updating system allows the customer to choose which supplement(s) contains the lures he or she may be interested in purchasing and also gets published Dive Curve data in the hands of anglers quickly.

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    Precision Trolling book Pro Edition


    $47.95 Secure On-line ordering from Walleyes Inc.
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    At long last, the Precision Trolling Big Water Edition is ready for shipment! Authors and trolling experts, Mark Romanack and Dr. Steven Holt, are proud to share the latest in depth control fishing technology.

    The all new Big Water Edition features over 150 ‘Dive Curves’ targeted at the angler who trolls for walleye, trout or salmon in big water. Unlike the Precision Trolling book that provides depth diving data for crankbaits, the Big Water Edition focuses on diving planers, lead core line, snap weights and other big water trolling gear.



    Anglers who are familiar with the Precision Trolling ‘Dive Curve’ format will note that the same technology has been used to illustrate the running depth of diving planers and other big water gear. Included are ‘Dive Curves’ for all the sizes and dive ring combinations of the Dipsy Diver and Slide-Diver, plus invaluable depth information for the outboard settings on these divers. In addition, ‘Dive Curves’ are provided for Jet Divers, Deep Six Divers and the Big Jon Mini Disks. Also included are ‘Dive Curves’ for size four, six and eight ounce Snap Weights and one pound lead balls!

    We didn’t forget about lead core line. Dive charts are also provided for 18, 27 and 36 pound test lead core lines fished at all common lead lengths and two popular trolling speeds.

    Each trolling device was tested using several line types and diameters to provide anglers with the most comprehensive information possible. Testing on various line sizes took more time, but it also eliminates the need for confusing line conversion charts. Big divers like the Dipsy were tested with 30# test monofilament, 30# Power Pro and 30# wire line. Smaller divers like the Big Jon Mini Disks were tested with smaller/more appropriate sizes of monofilament and Fireline. Each page of this new book is laminated to make it water resistant. We recommend you store your book in the heavy plastic bag it comes shipped in.

    Nothing like the Big Water Edition has ever been published before. At your fingertips you’ll find a comprehensive depth listing for all the most popular big water trolling products. The cost of this new books is only $24.95, plus $6.50 shipping and handling.

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    BWPCB 703
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    Big Water Precision Trolling Book 
    $24.95 Secure On-line ordering from Walleyes Inc.
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    Precision Casting book
    Precision Casting 
    Not only provides the maximum 
    diving depth, this informative guide 
    also helps anglers understand how 
    retrieve speed, rod position, line 
    diameter and casting length influence 
    lure diving depth.
    Helping anglers catch more fish is what Precision Angling Specialists, LLC is all about. The authors of the popular trolling guide Precision Trolling, fishing experts Mark Romanack and Dr. Steven Holt have helped thousands of anglers troll their favorite crankbaits, spoons and spinners with more confidence, accuracy, success and fewer snags. The innovative Dive Curve graphs answer the ever present
    question; how deep does it dive? Based on both lead length and line diameter, the Precision Trolling Dive Curves offer accurate, reliable and repeatable trolling data at a glance.The popular Dive Curve data used by trollers is now available in an all new book Precision Casting. Designed for the countless anglers who enjoy casting crankbaits for bass, walleye, northern pike, muskie and a wealth of other species, Precision Casting uses a simple illustration to demonstrate the natural Dive Curve of over 140 different crankbaits. Crankbaits are deadly fishing lures, but until now not even the manufacturers could tell anglers exactly how deep their baits run, says Mark Romanack, co-owner of Precision Angling Specialists.  Precision Casting includes the  most popular lures produced by Storm, Rapala, Bill Norman, Excalibur, Bill Lewis, Rebel,Bomber, Reef Runner, Mega Bass, Cotton Cordell, Diawa, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela¹s and many other manufacturers. The 146 page book is printed on heavy card stock and shipped in a resealable plastic bag to protect it from rain or spray in the boat. 
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    PCB 703
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    Precision Casting Book  No Longer available
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