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Fishing report for Bemidji area Minnesota

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Walleye fishing report for Bemidji area Minnesota

For more information:Ultimate Outdoors Guide Service
All species in Bemidji, Cass Lake, and Walker areas including Big Winnie
and Leech Lake.

Bemidji Area Fishing Report (7-16-00)
by Travis Peterson, ULTIMATE OUTDOORS Guided Fishing Adventures

Lake Bemidji is producing walleyes most consistently in the mornings and evenings.  Some anglers are haveing success in 20-30 feet of water with Roach Rigs and Leeches.  Another method that is becoming more popular for deep water walleyes is a heavy bottom bouncer and spinner combination.  Walleyes are being caught on Diamond Bar, The Rock Pile, and Grassy Island.  Another bite is happening in the shallow weeds.  These fish are being taken on artificial lures. Forward trolling with an 1/8 or 1/4 oz. jig-spinner is my favorite method for targetiing shallow midsummer walleyes.  A jig-spinner is a jig dressed with a plastic trailer (twister tail).  In addition, an overhead safety pin style spinner is attached to the tie-eye of the jig.  Other anglers are catching shallow walleyes casting or trolling crankbaits.  Husky Jerks are working well.  Night fishing with cranks will produce from now through October.  Concentrate on the top mid-lake structure.

Some muskies are biting.  Fishing for these critters should improve now that the heat is on.  Tom Strommer of Bemidji recently caught and released a 32 pound fish from an area lake.

Bass action is phenomenal.  The best bite on most lakes is on the deep weedline now.  I've taken several trips in the last couple weeks with many 50+ fish days.  The most consistent presentation is casting a stand-up style Lip-Stick Jig and Power Worm.  Pumpkinseed is a great worm color.  Leech Lake is producing some giant bass in the wild rice.  A weedless spoon like the Jaw Breaker is one of only a few lures effective in the rice.

Panfish action is steady with crappies spawning on some lakes in the last week.  Casting a 1/16 oz jig and tube tail over cabbage weeds will take crappies and bluegills.

Good luck and remember to take a kid fishing.

Travis Peterson
Ultimate Outdoors Guide ServiceGuided Fishing Adventures

Bemidji Area Fishing Report (6-28-00)
By Travis Peterson 
ULTIMATE OUTDOORS Guided Fishing Adventures

Fishing in the Bemidji area continues to remain steady.  Personally, I've been concentrating on bass.  The most consistent bite is on the weedlines now.  Any cabbage or coontail weeds will draw largemouth like a magnet. To locate the weeks, polarized glasses are a must.  Otherwise, cast a crankbait until weeds are located.  Then slow down the approach.  An 1/8 oz Lip-Stick Jig and Power Worm combination has been hot.  Pumpkinseed or June Bug colored worms have been popular. Holding the boat in 10-12 feet, cast into the weeds.  Let the worm fall on a slack line.  This is when most bites occur but work the worm back to the boat with a lift and fall presentation.  This technique will produce bass from 8 inches to 20 inches in length, among other species.  Recently a number of big bass have been taken on spinnerbaits and flippin jigs.  When spinnerbaiting, hold the boat in the same depth and make long casts up onto weedy flats.  Experiment with retrieve speed.  Flippin jigs continue to take the largest bass.  The Jungle Jig tipped with a No. 11 Uncle Josh Pork Frog is my favorite.  To fish this lure, rig up 20 lb line on a flipping rod and move up onto the flat.  Visually locate clumps or dense patches of weeds in 6-9 feet of water and make short pitches to these bass magnets.  Let the jig fall to the bottom.  Shake it a few times, reel it in, and repeat the process. 

Walleyes are now scatterd.  Fish are being taken on jigs and minnows in green cabbage beds.  Another sleeper technique in these areas is casting cranks.  Lake Bemidji has been producing some big walleyes for those willing to pitch cranks. Fat Raps, Shad Raps, and Husky Jerks are hard to beat. 

Much of my walleye fishing from now through mid-September involves running spiners behind bottom bouncers. It's an easy technique for my guests and more importantly it produces fish fast.  I like the Rattlin' Rainbow Crawler Harness.  Any color works as long as it has some gold or silver on it!  Recently, walleyes have jumped on the spinner better when it is moving faster.  This is typical of mid-simmer walleyes.

Muskies continue to be muskies.  In a recent tournament in the Bemdji Area, only three fish were caught.  Such is muskie fishing.  On any given day, persistent muskie hounds can land three fish themselves.

Crappies continue to go on Red as do the northerns. 

Have a safe 4th of July holiday.

Travis Peterson
Ultimate Outdoors Guide ServiceGuided Fishing Adventures

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