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Fishing report for Lake of the Woods area Minnesota

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Walleye fishing report for Red River North Dakota

For more information:
Contact BackWater Eddy Ed Carlson e-mail backwtr1@hotmail.com
 website Back Water Eddy's rivers and reflections
Last update 08/20/01

The Red is real critter of change this year. From flood to record breaking extended high water levels and now a transition to mid summer lows in some areas. At present the levels range from seasonably low in the headwaters region to very high on the Canadian end. John boat material over much of the first 1/3 of the system then changing to a more comfortable river level on the center 1/3 while a very big rig would have no trouble at all on the lower 1/3 in Canada. 
The one constant factor is the catfishing is exceptional all up and down the system, including the tributaries that feed the Red. Huge cats on the prowl, tons of fun!  Record fish catch's have been seen in many areas, but the majority of the Red never sees a boat, imagine that once. 
Walleye action has also dramatically improved the past week in the headwaters and central region of the Red. Lower water levels have seen the success rate jump dramatically by shore and boat anglers alike. This will just get better as time rush's into the fall walleye run. Yee-Ha! Jigs and rigs are productive as are crank baits near dams. Stick with a shallow running Rapala, T-Stick, or Bomber so snags will be kind to you. No guarantees, it is a river and they like to eat too.
The insects have been very kind overall but a good spray should be at hand when you venture too near the grassy shoreline areas at dusk. Not nearly as bad as a normal year so check it out and pull a piggy or two.
Good fishing and please practice selective harvest and respect non game species you do not intend to harvest by returning them whole and healthy to the system.
Backwater Eddy........><,,>
Ed Carlson
Backwater Guiding
10409 Co. Rd S
Horace ND, 58047
Ed Carlson e-mail backwtr1@hotmail.com
website Back Water Eddy's rivers and reflections
The Red and its tributaries has begun to fall back into there banks over the past week. With the return to a more stable water level the catfish bite is now headed in the right direction with the fishing improving almost daily.

True piggy's are few yet but they are beginning to show there faces with a bit of searching. More 3-7 lb cats are feeding well in early and late day bites then we have seen in previous weeks, so this to is encouraging.

We should be into a good midsummer bite very soon barring any huge amounts of rainfall that would mess up the progress we have seen this week. 

Reports from the headwaters region have been encouraging for cats and walleye with the late evening to night bite producing best. The central Red has begun to take off and I have high hopes for the upcoming weeks. The lower Red produced a few big cats over the weekend and the numbers appear to be increasing this week. Overall we are seeing a general improvement all over the valley on angler success. 

Walleye action has been sparse with a few pockets of success on tributary arms of the Red. We should look to see the walleye returning to the main channel as the water levels become more consistent with the average summer levels and the water recedes away from flooded grassy shoreline areas.

The welcome break from the heat wave of the past week has encouraged more anglers to hit the river, so the increase in pressure may be responsible for the general increase in angler success. There still is a lot of river out there folks, far from a crowded system, there are 100's of miles of river that never see a boat or a shore angler. Time to enjoy!

Good fishing to all, and have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July holiday!

Backwater Eddy
Contact BackWater Eddy Ed Carlson e-mail backwtr1@hotmail.com

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