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Walleyes INC pro Sam Anderson release another fine walleye to fight again
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  • Favorite fishing spots and techniques
  • Sam takes 1st place at NAWA Lake Sharpe Tournament
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  • Sams Fishing Articles
  • NEW ITEM!!!! Walleyes on the Ice by Sam Anderson
  • Preparing your Truck for Winter by Sam Anderson
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    Age  28 Hobbies  Fishing, mountain biking and raquet ball
    Born 10-24-73
    Home Eagan Minnesota
    Occupation Marketing and full time walleye fisherman

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    Ranger Building one boat at a time
    Mercury Outboard Motors The Water Calls
    Lowrance Electronics
    Lindy Little Joe Fishing Tackle systems
    Motorguide trolling motors
    Storm Fishing Lures
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    Quantum rods and Reels Fish with the best
    Husky Liners the ultimate protection for your vehicle
    Berkley Fish wont let go
    Fish Stat software choice of Walleye Pro Sam Anderson FishStat / HuntStat Pro

  • 1995 Runner up P.W.T angler of the year.
  • 1994-95 Runner up P.W.T. Top Gun award
  • 16 top ten finishers since 1992.
  • Youngest pro angler to qualify for the P.W.T.and NAWA championships.
  • 4- time P.W.T Championship qualifier
  • 2 - time NAWA championship qualifier
  • Within the top fifteen all- time money winners in the P.W.T.
  • Youngest touring professional to ever fish P.W.T. circuit (age 18)
  • Currently the youngest tourning professional in the P.W.T. and NAWA circuits.
  • First place 1997 NAWA Lake Sharpe

  • Favorite Fishing spots and techniques 
    FAVORITE LAKE  Lake Mille Lacs Minnesota
    TOURNAMENT WINNINGS $100,000.00 +
    LARGEST WALLEYE  33 inches long and around 12lbs
    FAVORITE JIG TYPE Lindy Fuzzy Grub jigs
    FAVORITE CRANKBAIT TYPE  Deep Jr. Thunderstick
    LARGEST LIMIT OF WALLEYE  Six walleyes weighting 62 lbs
    Favorite rig type Lindy Rig
    FIRST TOURNAMENT  Leech Lake Minnesota

    Favorite type of tournament fishing: 

    Pitching crankbaits in shallow water with a 7' energy series spinning rod and a  Energy E7-4 spinning reel.
    Finesse rigging with a7' Tour edition spinning rod and a Energy E7-2 spinning reel.

    Sams 1998 Tournament Schedule 
     1998 In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail
    Date Location State
    April 16,17 and 18 Lake Stockton Missouri
    May 6,7 and 8 Port Clinton 

    Lake Erie

    May 31, June 1+2 

    Changed as of 11-07-97

    Leech Lake


    June 24,25 and 26 Lake Oahe 


    South Dakota
    July 22,23 and 24 Fort Peck Reservoir 

    Fort Peck

    Championship to be held at

      Walleye Basics # 1
      BY    Sam Anderson
      As the tip of myTour Edition rod sensed a light tug from a creature below the clear deep waters of a typical "natural lake" I prepared for what could be a trophy of a lifetime.          Live bait rigging is a technique that is often under utilized. the simplicity that surrounds this technique seems to be one reason that many anglers overlook this tactic in today's high tech era.         The live bait rig or what I consider the  Rig consist's of the following 
          • Plain hook
          • Barrel swivel
          • walking sinker
          • rubber snubber
             When first starting to use the live-bait rig; drop your baited-hook, barrel swivel and sinker into the water. Once your sinker reaches the bottom; keep the bail of your spinning reel open and hold the line tight with your index finger. Now begin moving slowly with your Trolling Motor while you keep an eye on your electronics. As you mark a fish, slow your boat down and stop your bait in front of the fish you just marked. Usually hold for about five seconds and let your bait squirm. If you do not sense a "pick-up" then start moving again untilll you locate some active fish.          The idea behind using this rig is that you are going to present your bait in the most natural fashion possible. When fishing for walleyes you often times have to present the bait in a much slower or more natural fashion then when fishing for other species like bass or pike.          This technique is used at a much slower pace the other live-bait tactics such as the spinner rig and crawler harness. So when using a live-bait rig you will to want to have located a medium sized area that you believe holds active fish.  For example you have located some fish on a rock point with your electronics and are now ready to hang over the top of them. when presenting your live-bait rig you can use many different types of bait such as a night crawler, leech, minnow, or even a crawfish. As you present one of these selected baits remember to move extra slow if you are faced with cold front conditions.          You have just stopped to pause your bait after marking a fish on your electronics. You then feel a slight tug like someone is pulling your shirt. immediately let the line go that you have been holding in your index finger.  pause five or ten seconds depending on how aggressive the fish are. Close the bail of your spinning reel and get ready for the key step in live-bait rigging  **Setting the hook** Reel down untill your rod tip touches the water; then when you feel that the fish is still there... briskly raise your rod straight up untill the base of your rod is pointing at a 50 degreee angle. Then, reel your fish in and net it.           Setting the hook is the most crucial aspect of using a live-bait rig. make sure you have a rod and reel combination that is both sensitive and well balanced. I use a 7' Tour Edition rod with a E7-2 energy series reel. This combination does several things. 
  • First this rod & reel combination is very light weight so you can spend the whole day fishing without suffering from wrist fatigue.
  • Second, Tour Edition rods are one of the most sensitive rods on the market.   You will be able to feel evern very light bites when the fish are inactive.
  • The length to this rod and the soft tip allow for maximum hook-sets when using leaders as long as 14 feet.
  • finally sth smoothness in th E7-2 Energy series reel will alloow you to effectively back reel when you are landing those monster walleyes !

  • Whether you fish six days a year or sixty, the equiptment you use will dictate how succesful you are. especially on those days when many anglers say "They just ain't bite'n" 

    1999 PWT Schedule
      Location Results and information City State Date Division
      Detroit River
      Trenton Michigan April 14-16 1999 East
      Lake Oahe 
      Mobridge South Dakota May 5-7 1999 West
      Mississippi River 
      Red Wing Minnesota May 26-28 West
      Lake Winnebago 
      Fon Du Lac Wisconsin June 23-25 East
      Devils Lake 
      Devils Lake North Dakota July 14-16 West
      Saginaw Bay
      Linwood/Bay City Michigan August 4-6 East
      PWT Championship 
      Madison Wisconsin September 9-11

    1999  NAWA tournament Schedule

      Quest and Team Challenge April 21/25 Lake Erie Sandusky Ohio

      Quest and Team Challenge May 12/16 Lake Okoboji Iowa



      June 05/06 Lake McConaughy Nebraska

      Red Ball
      Quest and Team Challenge June 19-20 Alleghenny Reservoir Warren Pennsylvania

      Quest and Team Challenge AUGUST 11-15 Lake 



      North Dakota

      Quest and Team Challenge
      September 1-5 Mille Lacs Onamia 


      River Quest and Team Challenge September 22-25 MISSISSIPPI 


      Red Wing
    * All "Team Challenge" competitions will be   held on a Saturday & Sunday. "Quest Series"   Pro/Ams begin on a Wednesday and conclude   on Friday.

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